Soccer96 release first in series of live videos featuring new material from upcoming Tactics EP

Photo: Fabrice Bourgelle

Soccer96 are ready to take us by storm again with a new EP called Tactics and a treat of a new song, ‘I Was Gonna Fight Fascism’. The drums and keyboards duo of Dan Leavers aka Danalogue and Max Hallett aka Betamax, who are also two thirds of The Comet is Coming, will release Tactics on June 26th via Moshi Moshi Records. The new EP sees them turn into a quartet with the addition of thought-provoking and incredible musician and poet Alabaster DePlume and legendary multi-instrumentalist and producer Capitol K. Tactics “is built out of the raw energy of their improvisations, combining elements of jazz, electronica and heavier genres”, explains the press release. “A delicate balance of dark and light, heavy and danceable, the expansion from duo to quartet on this EP also sees Soccer96 re-situate itself within the vast musical universe that exists across their previous recordings and other projects.”

Danalogue had this to say about the collaboration with DePlume:

“In some ways it’s very similar to how we started things with The Comet Is Coming, plugging Shabaka into a guitar amp in our studio and egging each other on to go further, dirtier, louder. This time we plugged Alabaster into the Soccer96 turbo charger, and the results are pretty spectacular.”

There’s more good news. Just before lockdown, and as a quartet, they recorded a live show at Total Refreshment Centre. Featuring new material from the EP, these recordings are set to be released as a 3-part series of live videos and Part 1, with a version of their scathing new single ‘I Was Gonna Fight Fascism’ now available to stream. Here it is.

Capitol K set to release mini-album, Birdtrapper, shares first single ‘Temple’

Following the release of Goatherder a couple of years ago, Capitol K is gifting the world with yet another wonderful and shimmering release entitled Birdtrapper. As with the previous album, recorded in his native Malta, the Mediterranean is still enlightening and inspiring the multi-instrumentalist and producer, whose album is described as “the sound of an initiation rave in a utopian hidden village”. The press release adds that the upcoming Birdtrapper “is an evocation of sonic bird callers, proto-rave abandon, ambient resonance and an ecstatic captive state, along with the previous work’s visions of hunters, temples and scrub land music.”

Capitol K has shared the first single and opening track, ‘Temple’, and we can’t stop listening to it.

Birdtrapper is out on April 10th and is available as a limited edition transparent 12″s and digitally through his Bandcamp .

Mixtape #98

London based prolific multi-instrumentalist and producer Capitol K has become something of a legend, releasing influential and iconic albums for over two decades. After working with labels big and small he set up his own, Faith & Industry, and thrives on collaborations, touring the world playing with various bands and recording and producing too many incredible musicians to mention here. And he shows no signs of slowing down. Last month Capitol K released the wonderful and shimmering Goatherder, his new album recorded in a cave on his native Malta. Needless to say we’re very excited to present the mixtape he did for us this month, so wrap your ears around it without delay!

  1. Ambitious Lovers – Locus Coeruleus [E.G. Records]
  2. Os Mulheres Negras – Só Quero Um Xodó [WEA]
  3. LAPS – Who Me? [MIC]
  4. Deena Abdelwahed – Ena Essbab [Infiné]
  5. Omar S feat Nite Jewel – Confess To You [ FXHE Records]
  6. Patti Palladin & Johnny Thunders – Crawfish [Jungle Records]
  7. Bas Jan – Walton On The Naze [Lost Map Records]
  8. John Johanna – I’ll Be Ready When The Great Day Comes [Faith And Industry]
  9. Saz’iso – Tana [Glitterbeat]
  10. Laibach – Opus Dei (Life is Life) [Mute]
  11. Psychic TV – Untitled (Ov Power}
  12. Super Best Friends Club – Beetroot [Faith And Industry]
  13. Fennesz – Shisheido [Mego]
  14. Lee Gamble – A tergo Real [Hyperdub]
  15. Guaraní

Capitol K returns with seventh album Goatherder

Malta born, London based multi-instrumentalist and producer Capitol K has been gifting us with iconic albums since the late 90’s. A big league producer in recent years, operating from his studio at London’s Total Refreshment Centre, he has been recording and producing incredible musicians including The Comet Is Coming, Rozi Plain, Flamingods, Ibibio Sound Machine and many more. Kristian Craig Robinson, the prolific man behind Capitol K, has also been busy making his new album, Goatherder. The record was written and recorded in a cave turned into studio in Malta and saw him using several bamboo instruments collected around the world, including his new lead instrument, an ancient Quecha reeded pipe. According to the press release, Goatherder also features “various resonating vessels and percussive objects including dry fennel storks collected from Punic troglodyte sites, and atonal flutes built from fresh cut farmland reed”. Capitol K explains:

“I’ve been collecting bamboo flutes, horns, pipes and percussion around the world for over a decade. Gathering together these naturally resonant forms I took them to my native Malta and built a temporary studio in a five hundred year old carved rock cave basement which was the former goat shelter of a farm dwelling. Some elements of all six of my Capitol K albums to date have been created in Malta and, wishing to expand on that rhythm, I chose to make a solitary concept album in Malta, drawing on my individual imagination of place and history. The idea was to create in the present a personalised and fictional re-imagining of a Mediterranean, particularly Maltese, diasporic music that fuses ancient and modern techniques. During days spent exploring ritualistic process and practice, field work and location experiences developed to awaken genetic memory, reaching back far beyond my present time and allowing me to freely interpret the opaquely resonant vibrations of the Maltese land and experience”.

Ahead of the album’s release on July 13th through Faith And Industry, Capitol K is enticing us with the first spellbinding single ‘Landlocked’. Take a listen now.

Capitol K gives away brand new track

Capitol K -  'GGIGA GGIGA'

Call it your lucky day! Kristian Craig Robinson aka Capitol K is giving away a new frantically mad song called ‘GGIGA GGIGA’.
Last year we saw the Malta born, London based multi-instrumentalist and producer release his sixth full-length album, Andean Dub, filled with South American flavours. These spices can be tasted again in ‘GGIGA GGIGA’. Listen to it below and head over to his bandcamp to grab your free download.

Capitol K premieres video for track off Andean Dub

Capitol K, the moniker of Kristian Craig Robinson, has delivered some iconic albums in the last 13 years through labels like Planet Mu and XL Recordings.
His sixth full-length, Andean Dub, came out last month via his own imprint Faith & Industry.

South American flavours can be tasted all the over Andean Dub, an album “inspired by a road trip covering over 7000 kilometers of South America through the territories of Peru, Bolivia and Argentina”, according to the press release. “Meeting musicians, collecting instruments and market stall CDRs the trip was a fascinating experience and a chance for Capitol K to dip his toes in the burgeoning alternative club scene of Buenos Aires whilst simultaneously tracing the wanderings of early 20th century South American metaphysical literature.”

Head over to Capitol K’s bandcamp, where you can stream/buy the album.

Capitol K has recently debuted a video for ‘Cumbia Millipedes’ off Andean Dub. The video was directed by Rebecca Salvadori and you can watch it below.
And get another taste of ‘Cumbiatronic’ after the video.