Cavern Of Anti-Matter announce new album Hormone Lemonade and share first single

We have raved at length about Cavern of Anti-Matter, whose second album void beats / invocation trex was one of our Picks of 2016 and remains a favourite. So we’re thrilled to know the Berlin based trio headed by Stereolab’s co-founder Tim Gane, and also comprising former Stereolab drummer Joe Dillworth and synth master Holger Zapf are gearing up to release its follow-up, Hormone Lemonade. With the sounds of modular synths and home-built drum machines heavily used on the new record, Holger’s self-constructed rhythm machines, the Taktron Z3 and Taktron Z2, recorded to tape over three one-hour sessions, were the “album’s genesis”, as the press release describes.

Hormone Lemonade arrives on March 22nd through Duophonic and we can already hear the explosive and trance-inducing first single ‘Make Out Fade Out’. Play it loud.

Cavern of Anti-Matter tease upcoming album with minimix by The Horrors’ Tom Furse

Cavern of Anti-MatterAfter a string of tremendous singles, ‘Melody In High Feedback Tones’, ‘Tardis Cymbals’ and ‘liquid gate’, Cavern of Anti-Matter‘s long awaited album void beats/invocation trex is finally coming out this Friday 19th February. The trio’s new effort is gearing up to be one of 2016’s most outstanding releases and as if we weren’t excited enough, we can now hear a spectacular 17-minute album minimix put together by Tom Furse from The Horrors. Here’s what he said about it:

“I jumped at the chance to work with Cavern Of Anti-Matter. Tim Gane’s work has been a primary influence on my music for years and COAM’s new album did not disappoint – an absolute pleasure to listen to from start to finish, total aural delight. Modular patterns and first class electronics intersperse with insistent rhythms that spoke to me instantly, and I was able to condense it down to 17 minutes of non-stop energy which I hope gives you a good idea of what a brilliant album it is.”

Listen to the minimix below. Again and again.

Cavern of Anti-Matter are embarking on a series of live shows later this month to celebrate the release of void beats/invocation trex. Check all their dates below.


Cavern Of Anti-Matter premiere video for new single ‘liquid gate’ featuring Bradford Cox


The chances are that you have already heard us raving about Tim Gane’s band Cavern of Anti-Matter, and there’s good reason for that. With void beats/invocation trex, their much-anticipated debut album, slated for release later this month, the Berlin based three-piece got us salivating with two tremendous singles, the stunning and radiant ‘Melody In High Feedback Tones’ and the epic krautrock infused opener ‘Tardis Cymbals’. To whet our appetite even more, the three-piece have unveiled a new single from the album, the psychedelic pop cut ‘liquid gate’ featuring Bradford Cox on vocals. The track comes paired with a fittingly kaleidoscopic video, directed by Peter Strickland. Watch it below and watch out for the release of void beats/invocation trex on February 19th via Duophonic.

In celebration of the album release, Cavern Of Anti-Matter have announced a run of European dates in February and March, including a show in London on February 29th at The Moth Club. See the full run of dates below.

25 Feb 2016 – Generiq @ le FJT des Oiseaux, Besançon, France
26 Feb 2016 – Generiq @ Cellier de Clairvaux, Dijon, France
27 Feb 2016 – Festival La Route Du Rock, St Malo, France
29 Feb 2016 – The Moth Club, London, UK, tickets
01 Mar 2016 – The Paradiso, Amsterdam. Netherlands
11 Mar 2016 – Kantine am Berghain, Berlin , Germany
3 Jun 2016 – Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona, Spain

Cavern Of Anti-Matter share new cut from upcoming debut album

Cavern Of Anti-MatterWe fell for Berlin based three-piece Cavern of Anti-Matter when we first heard the stunning ‘Melody In High Feedback Tones’, off their upcoming debut album void beats / invocation trex. The trio, headed by Stereolab’s co-founder Tim Gane, and also comprising former Stereolab drummer Joe Dillworth and synth master Holger Zapf, are teasing the album again with the epic opening track ‘Tardis Cymbals’. Clocking in at nearly thirteen minutes, the track is described as a “journey deep into a kaleidoscopic synth vortex”. We are in for a treat with void beats / invocation trex so make sure you nab it when it drops on February 19th via Duophonic. Now listen to ‘Tardis Cymbals’.

Tim Gane’s new trio Cavern Of Anti-Matter set to release debut album in February

Cavern Of Anti-Matter - void beats  invocation trex

Tim Gane, known as the co-founder of revered band Stereolab, has embarked on a new project called Cavern Of Anti-Matter and we’re thrilled about it. To bring the project to life, Gane teamed up with former Stereolab drummer Joe Dillworth and synth master Holger Zapf.  With a few limited edition vinyl releases under their belt, their proper full-length debut album, void beats / invocation trex, has just been announced. It arrives on February 19th via Duophonic and it also features guest contributions from Mouse On Mars’ Jan St. Werner, Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox and Spaceman 3’s Sonic Boom.

Here’s what Gane said of the project:

“Cavern Of Anti-Matter are spectrum addicts, setting up tiny rhythmic cells and expanding on them in certain ways, splitting the melody and stretching out. The melodic movement is much slower due to the lack of words. At the moment, the Cavern sound is more what I want to do.”

The stunning single ‘Melody In High Feedback Tones’ serves as the first taster of what’s coming and we can’t wait to hear more.