33-33 to release Keiji Haino & Charles Hayward’s collaborative live album

Thirty Three Thirty Three have been working with pioneering artists and musicians, plotting and offering unique live performances. Now they launch as a record label, 33-33 Records, and will put out three very special releases this month, including next week Keiji Haino and Charles Hayward’s collaborative record, taking the poem below as its title:

A loss permitted to open its eyes for but three hours
And there glimpsed, finally in focus a mystery
That begs earnestly, “ask me nothing”
Now, once more the problem is yours alone

The Japanese avant-garde guitarist and improvising singer teamed up with South London’s pioneering drummer for an improvised performance at London’s Copeland Gallery in July 2016, which now emerges as a live album. On A Loss Permitted, to open one’s eyes…, we find “a mix of air synths, distortions, improvised Japanese poetry and warped guitar sounds”, as the label describes.

The album is out on June 21st but we can already hear ‘Track 7’ for a beguiling taste of Keiji Haino & Charles Hayward’s latest collaboration.