Christina Vantzou announces new album No.4

Christina Vantzou continues her staggering series of numbered albums, exploring and melding classical, ambient, and minimalism. She has announced a new album, No.4, following 2015’s widely acclaimed No.3.
A number of musical and conceptual collaborators helped bring the album to life, including Steve Hauschildt, John Also Bennett, Angel Deradoorian, Clarice Jensen, Beatrijs De Klerck, and members of Belgium’s Echo Collective. The upcoming No. 4, and as the press release describes, “feels both endless and ephemeral, immersive and immaterial”.

Ahead of the album’s release on April 6th through Kranky, we can already hear ‘ Some Limited and Waning Memory’, an utterly beautiful track, both soothing and compelling.

Mixtape #92

This month's mixtape comes from the phenomenal Christina Vantzou. A visual artist as well as self-taught composer and orchestral arranger, her impressive body of work spans a wide spectrum of artistic expression. In her three widely acclaimed albums, the immersive and introspective Nº1, Nº2 and Nº3, Vantzou's painstakingly beautiful compositions incorporate a multitude of electronic elements and genres, from ambient and contemporary classical to modern chamber and drone music. So we're honoured to present this treat of a mixtape she put together for us.

  1. Jessica Moss – Entire Populations, Pt. I excerpt [Constellation]
  2. Miyami – Innocent excerpt
  3. Tchaikovsky – 1812 Overture (Full with Cannons) excerpt
  4. Frank Ocean U-N-I-T-Y [Def Jam Recordings]
  5. Sibylle Baier – Remember The Day [Orange Twin / Isota Records]
  6. Demen – Niorum [Kranky]
  7. Pink Floyd – Time excerpt [Harvest Records]
  8. Durutti Column – Smile In The Crowd [Factory]
  9. Lieven Martens Moana – Music For A Clearing excerpt [EM Records]
  10. Mark Renner – Jars of Clay [RVNG Intl.]
  11. Klaus Wiese – Geisha excerpt [Edition Akasha]
  12. Mark Pritchard – ?
  13. Dariush Dolat-Shahi – Electronic Music, Tar and Sehtar excerpt [Folkways Records]
  14. Frank Ocean – Mine [Def Jam Recordings]
  15. Fever Ray – If I Had A Heart [Rabid / Mute]
  16. Mary Ocher – Blue Crystal Fire [Klangbad]
  17. Michele Mercure – Eyechant [Freedom To Spend]

Christina Vantzou announces new album,Nº3, and shares first single ‘Shadow Sun’

Christina Vantzou - Nº3

Brussels based composer and visual artist Christina Vantzou has announced the follow-up to last years’s magnificent Nº2. Her new album, Nº3, was recorded in Belgium with a 15-piece ensemble of strings, horns, woodwinds and micro-choir. The album saw Vantzou composing and experimenting with classical instruments blended with synths and electronics over the course of two years.
“The tracks vacillate between orchestral, ambient soundscapes and more structured works that the composer refers to as “pillars.””, describes the press release, also mentioning Vantzou’s day job as a math teacher as relevant in this change.

Nº3 will see the light of day on October 16th via Kranky, and it comes with two slow motion videos Vantzou made using a phantom high-speed camera and a 16mm short film.
We’re already getting the first taste of new music from Nº3 in the form of the wonderful new track, ‘Shadow Sun’. Listen to it below.

Christina Vantzou ready to release new album No2

Christina Vantzou - No2

Kansas City, Missouri born, Brussels based composer, artist and filmmaker Christina Vantzou, who is perhaps best known for being one half of The Dead Texan with Stars of the Lid’s Adam Wiltzie, is ready to unveil the follow-up to her 2011’s No1. In the works for four years, No2 was composed using synthesizers and several unidentified samples. After manipulating these sounds, Vantzou collaborated with Minna Choi of the San Francisco based Magik*Magik Orchestra to transcribe the compositions for a 15-piece ensemble. Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie (Stars of the Lid / A Winged Victory for the Sullen) was also recruited for engineering duties stamping his own signature sound texture on the album. As the press release describes, in No2 “dense layers of strings are augmented by angelic voices, piano, woodwinds, & various synthesizers”.
Take a glimpse at the immersive grandeur of Vantzou’s forthcoming album with the painstakingly beautiful track ‘Going backwards to recover what was left behind’ streaming beneath. And watch out for the release of No2 on February 24th via Kranky.