Debut album from Immix Ensemble’s Daniel Thorne on the way

Australian-born, Liverpool-based composer and saxophonist Daniel Thorne has been part of Erased Tapes for a while, releasing under his project Immix Ensemble. March 15th will see him release his debut album, Lines Of Sight, under his own name. Thorne had this to say about the record:

“Thematically, this music was inspired by birds-eye aerial images and the idea of perspective – how something incredibly complex like a river or the surface of the ocean is reduced to a simple line or shape when viewed from the heavens. The line between natural and man-made becomes increasingly blurred.

I’ve long been a fan of studio-based composition, but have always found the infinite possibilities on offer daunting and, often, a stumbling block. To get around this I set myself a challenge of limiting myself to the physical instruments in my possession – a few different saxophones and a bass synth, with no more than four tracks to record them.”

Ahead of the album´s release, Thorne has shared the powerful  and gorgeous opening track ‘From Inside, Looking Out’. Take a listen now.