Efrim Manuel Menuck and Kevin Doria set to release first collaborative album are SING SINCK, SING

After last year’s release of his second solo album, Pissing Stars, Efrim Manuel Menuck enlisted Kevin Doria to help him transpose the album from the studio to a live setting. A year in, out of touring and collaborating, Menuck and Doria became SING SINCK, SING.
As a duo, their first material is coming out in the shape of an album called are SING SINCK, SING. “An antifascist poetics of sound that unspools across five crushing, keening tracks driven by thick sweeping drones, battered by inscrutably searching, ricocheting vocals”, describes the press release. “Anguish, yearning, and desperate conviction combine in these saturated survivalist electro-hymns, for as long as the power stays on to overload the amplifiers.”

Menuck and Doria had already shared the first single ‘We Will’ and now they have let loose another cut from the album, ‘Fight The Good Fight’. Take a listen to both below.

are SING SINCK, SING is out on May 10th through Constellation

Listen to Efrim Manuel Menuck’s second single ‘A Lamb In The Land Of Payday Loans’

Photo: Louise Michel Jackson

With less than a month to go until the release of Pissing Stars, and having already enticed us with ‘LxOxVx / Shelter In Place’, Efrim Manuel Menuck is teasing the album again with a riveting new track, ‘A Lamb In The Land Of Payday Loans’. Described as “a charged rallying cry shaped by hope, mistrust, and resistance”, the track “combines Menuck’s trademark celebratory desperation with undeniably catchy elements”. Take a listen below and grab Pissing Stars when it drops on February 2nd through Constellation.

To celebrate the album’s release, Efrim Manuel Menuck is playing a handful of dates across Canada this February. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for a European tour to follow soon.

Efrim Manuel Menuck’s second album Pissing Stars arrives in February

Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Thee Silver Mt. Zion co-founder Efrim Manuel Menuck has a second solo album on the way, following his 2011 debut Plays “High Gospel”. Entitled Pissing Stars, the record arrives on February 2nd and it marks the first release of the year from Constellation Records. Inspired by the romance of an American television presenter and the son of a Saudi arms dealer, back when Menuck was a teenager, Pissing Stars finds him “at his most vulnerable and his most adventurous”, as the label describes. Menuck comments on this:

“PISSING STARS is inspired by the brief romance of american television presenter MARY HART and MOHAMMED KHASHOGGI, the son of a saudi arms dealer. i don’t know how long their union endured, but i remember reading about them when i was a desperate teenager – there was something about their pairing that got caught in my head. i was living in a flooded basement with two other lost kids and a litter of feral kittens. we were all unfed. this strange intersection – the televisual blonde and the rich saudi kid with the murderous father; it got stuck in me like a mystery, like an illumination- this vulgar pairing that was also love. these privileged scions of death and self-alienation, but also love. i’ve carried it in me for 3 decades now, this obscure memory, and i return to it often, tracing its edges like a worn talisman. this record is about the dissolution of their relationship, and the way that certain stubborn lights endure. this record was made in dark corners between 2016 and 2017. a very rough pair of years, shot thru with fatigue, depression, despair, and too many cigarettes and too much booze. but also = the giddiness of enervation, and the strange liberation of being emptied – borne aloft and carried by the drift. the world continues its eternal collapsing, fires everywhere and everything drained of meaning. this record was made in various states of unease, with a brittle heart and a clear intent. like running towards a cliff with 2 swinging knives, roaring with an idiot grin. overcome and overjoyed. this record is about the end of love and the beginning of love. this record is about the dissolution of the state, and all of us trapped beneath, and the way that certain stubborn lights endure.”

Ahead of the album’s release, envelop yourself in the first single ‘LxOxVx / Shelter In Place’.