Mixtape #100

We’re beyond excited to celebrate our 100th mixtape with one of our favourite bands: Forma. Formed in Brooklyn in 2010, the band brings together three extraordinary instrumentalists, Mark Dwinell, George Bennett and John Also Bennett, who perfectly complement each other. The trio released the transcending Semblance, their fourth album, last summer, following 2016’s Physicalist, one of our highlights of the year and the first to feature acoustic instrumentation alongside a multitude of modular and vintage synthesizers. Forma have provided us with an utterly sublime selection of music mixing together tracks from the likes of Arica, Maria Monti, Harumi Hosono, Eli Keszler and many more. Dive in below.

  1. Arica – Music in the Nine Rings – Side A (Excerpt) [Poodle]
  2. Geninoh Yamashirogumi – Kaneda (Akira OST) [Victor]
  3. Mark Mothersbaugh – Mayoma [Enigma Records]
  4. Eliocide – Mitosi (Excerpt)
  5. Maria Monti – Aria, Terra, Acqua e Fuoco [Rifi]
  6. Pulse Emitter – In a Cabin [Expansive]
  7. Pete Namlook – The Fate of Energy [Fax +49-69/450464]
  8. Harumi Hosono – Air-Condition [Yen Records]
  9. Henry Cowell / Jah Wobble & Brian Eno – Spinner
  10. Eli Keszler – We Live In Pathetic Temporal Urgency [Shelter Press]
  11. David Parsons – Jalan Jalan [Celestial Harmonies]
  12. Moondog – Be A Hobo (Featuring Jon Gibson, Philip Glass & Steve Reich)

Forma announce new album Semblance and share first single

Following 2016’s Physicalist, Forma are ready to take 2018 by storm with a new album called Semblance arriving on July 20th through Kranky. Like their previous record, which saw the Brooklyn trio bring in acoustic instruments for the first time, Semblance includes flute, piano, guitar, saxophone, acoustic drums and cymbals as well as synthesizers aplenty. On the new record, Forma continue to try to “broaden the idea of what an electronic music ensemble can sound like”. Said to be “inspired by polyrhythmic composition, the human voice, and conceptual improvisation strategies”, the upcoming album is also informed by members George and John Also Bennett’s recent experience in The Jon Gibson Ensemble, performing Gibbon’s 1973 minimalist masterpiece Visitations.

The album announcement comes with the first transcendent single ‘Three-Two’ and it’s after your ears.