Joseph Shabason collaborates with Gigi Masin on new single ‘November’

Last month we heard the poignantly beautiful ‘Forest Run’, the first single from Joseph Shabason‘s upcoming album Anne. The Toronto based composer and multi-instrumentalist has shared a second single called ‘November’, which saw him collaborate with Italian ambient composer Gigi Masin of Gaussian Curve. Gigi describes this collaboration:

“Writing music together without actually being in the same room it’s pretty easy these days. However, by doing so you can often lose something in the process: the human touch. I’m a firm believer that the human touch is indispensable, certain situations work much better when that’s considered. This is exactly what happened with Joseph – a talented person, also a very patient one who’s been able to endure my constant giving advice and to translate our humanity into music, especially our different points of view. A beautiful and rare thing.”

Shabason also had this to say:

“About four years ago my friend Graeme told me to listen to the album Wind by Gigi Masin. Listening to Wind was one of those musical moments where you feel like you’re listening to something that you’ve been waiting for all your life.”

Now take a listen to ‘November’.

Anne is out on November 16th through Western Vinyl.

Mixtape #59

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