Mixtape #86

Russian trio Gnoomes have been making waves with two excellent albums drawing from genres like psych rock, prog and krautrock. The band crafts hypnotic, cinematic and blistering music and their second album Tschak!, released earlier this year, features a more expansive sound palette, including a bunch of old Soviet synths. So we are delighted to present this month's mixtape, compiled by Gnoomes. Like a mesmerising trip, their mix makes for an incredibly immersive listen encapsulating their own influences and styles.

  1. Lower Dens – Brains [Domino]
  2. Harmonia – Veterano [Brain]
  3. Arthur Russell – You And Me Both [Rough Trade / Audika]
  4. Julianna Barwick – Dream Baby Dream (Suicide Cover)
  5. Cloudland Canyon – Heme [Kranky]
  6. KWC 92 – Night Drive [L.I.E.S.]
  7. Aquarium – Ploskost
  8. King Tubby – Jah Is Coming In Dub
  9. Seefeel – Plainsong (Sine Bubble Embossed Dub) [Too Pure]
  10. Kino – My Khotim Tanzevat
  11. Sonic Youth – Schizophrenia [SST Records / Blast First]
  12. Atlas Sound – Quick Canal (w/Laetitia Sadier) [4AD]

Julianna Barwick’s third album, Will, arrives next month

Julianna Barwick - NebulaBrooklyn based experimental artist Julianna Barwick has a new album on the way called Will, which follows her celestial 2013’s Nepenthe. Busy with touring and projects all over the place, Barwick worked and conceived the album in many different locations, from New York to Asheville, North Carolina, to Lisbon, Portugal. “I love touring, but it can be a wild ride”, said Barwick. “You’re constantly adjusting, assimilating, and finding yourself in life-changing situations.”

The self-produced Will also sees Barwick bringing in guest collaborators, including Mas Ysa’s Thomas Arsenault, Dutch cellist Maarten Vos and percussionist Jamie Ingalls (Chairlift, Tanlines, Beverly).

Ahead of the album’s release on May 6th via Dead Oceans, Barwick has shared the gorgeous and dreamy single ‘Nebula’ and it comes with a video directed by Derrick Belcham. Watch it below.

Julianna Barwick speeds forward with live shows following the release of Nepenthe

Julianna Barwick - "Crystal Lake (Live At Judson Church)"

After releasing her second studio LP Nepenthe under Dead Oceans at the end of August this year, Julianna Barwick didn’t waste time and hit the road with countless live shows around the world. She is still due to perform in six venues in the US in October and then comes back to Europe starting with Unsound Festival in Kraków, Poland. She will also visit Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Belgium and France. She teases us with the newly released video of her live performance at Judson Church in NY from the day Nepenthe was released. Calming sounds of her wondering notes peacefully executed by silent Icelanders makes everyone daydream about minimalistic mind escapades into the lands of harmony and reverie.

Julianna Barwick premieres video for ‘One Half’

Julianna Barwick

Back in June, we were dazzled by ‘One Half’, the first single lifted from Julianna Barwick‘s forthcoming third album Nepenthe. ‘One Half’ is now being offered with a befittingly stunning video directed by filmmaker Zia Anger. Here’s what Zia said about it:

“Julianna’s music, to me, evokes such a supernatural mind state – an existence that is without a principal body of laws. Because of this I wanted to make something that was lawless, that indulged the subconscious and also remained unexplainable. I’m fully aware of how tripped out this sounds but what is a music video if not at it’s core something without rules.”

Watch the video below and watch out for the release of Nepenthe on August 19th in Europe and a day later in North America via Dead Oceans.

Julianna Barwick teases forthcoming album Nepenthe

Julianna Barwick - Nepenthe (Teaser)

Julianna Barwick has recently signed to Dead Oceans who are releasing her third full-length album entitled Nepenthe. The album was recorded in Reykjavík, Iceland, following an invitation from Alex Somers (Sigur Rós, Jónsi, Jónsi & Alex) who produced and engineered the effort. Nepenthe also features contributions from other Icelandic musicians, including string ensemble Amiina, múm’s guitarist Róbert Sturla Reynisson and a choir of teenage girls.

In ancient Greek literature, and as the press release describes, “nepenthe was a magic drug of forgetfulness used to wipe out grief and sorrow.” It adds that “the title suggested itself to Julianna, who experienced a death in her own family in the middle of making the record, but it also refers to the music consoling her during the isolation she was going through – on her own, in a foreign country with a terrible internet connection – during the sessions.”

Other than Julianna’s personal emotional influence, the Icelandic surroundings and “its vibrant music scene and stunningly alien landscapes with their lingering magic” had the biggest influence on Nepenthe. She explains:

 “I had never had anyone play on any record before, so this was a 180 turn. I also was inspired just by being there, and the gorgeousness of that place. Your eyes can’t believe what they’re seeing. I walked home one night and got totally lost in Reykjavík. I ended up walking alongside the ocean – and it was glowing blue. It looked like it had a lamp underneath it. This is a completely different experience than recording myself in my Brooklyn bedroom.”

Julianna has just unveiled an album teaser in the form of a video directed by Derrick Belcham, and featuring the magnificent track ‘Forever’. Be sure to watch it below and watch out for the album release on August 20th.