Mixtape #108

With a unique and innovative approach to the guitar, Patrick Higgins is an incredibly forward-thinking and versatile musician and visionary composer and producer who, over the last decade, has made his mark on contemporary music. Relentlessly prolific, Higgins has an impressive list of recording projects to his name, both as a solo artist and collaborator, and has also composed for renowned ensembles and soloists. One of Le Guess Who?’s guest curators this year, Higgins offers an utterly sublime curated program including his own projects Dossier X and AEAEA. Ahead of the forthcoming 13th edition of Le Guess Who?, we are ecstatic to unveil this special mixtape he put together for us, serving as an extraordinary taster of what to expect from each of the phenomenal artists he has invited.

  1. Mariel Roberts – Intro (0:00)
  2. Tyondai Braxton – Phono Pastoral (1:30) [Nonesuch]
  3. Leila Bordreuil – Coincidence (5:40) [Catch Wave Ltd.]
  4. LEYA – Swan Lake (7:42 ) [NNA Tapes]
  5. Conrad Tao – Vivace: Aaron Copland Piano Sonata (9:45) [Warner Classics]
  6. Mariel Roberts – Irradiance (13:50) [Denovali]
  7. Josh Modney and Patrick Higgins – Renaissance Recap (19:00) [NNA Tapes]
  8. Stine Janvin – Tripple A (22:40) [Pan]
  9. Vicky Chow – vick(i/y) (25:00) [New Amsterdam Records]
  10. Miranda Cuckson – tanz.tanz (32:50) [New Focus Recordings]
  11. Lightning Bolt – Two Towers (37:12) [Load Records]
  12. Patrick Higgins – nightwalker, deerstalker (42:21) [NNA Tapes]
  13. Nicolas Jaar – Garden of Eden (46:05) [Other People]
  14. Patrick Higgins – White Lie (50:50) [Other People]

Lightning Bolt share second single ‘USA is a Psycho’ off upcoming album

With the imminent release of Sonic Citadel just around the corner, Rhode Island noise rock duo Lightning Bolt have shared a second track from the album called ‘USA is a Psycho’. As the label puts it, the song “captures the unbridled energy of Lightning Bolt’s legendary live performances in high definition, thunderous bass riffing and pummelling drums brought into sharp focus”. Here it is.

Sonic Citadel is out on October 11th through Thrill Jockey

Lightning Bolt set to release Oblivion Hunter next month

Rhode Island noise rock duo Lightning Bolt are set to release a seven-track EP  featuring lost tracks from 2008. Aptly named Oblivion Hunter, the EP drops on September 25th via Load Records.

Oblivion Hunter is “a real cool time – loose, hard and loopy”, as the label puts it. “This record is one of the few necessary things in your grim stretch of existence, played by a band with 20 years of total conviction to the destruction of your ear drums. The net is cast decidedly further this time out with North Pole square dancing colliding with shock troop whiplash, executed with the spontaneous interplay of neutrino collision.”

The EP’s opening track ‘King Candy’ has just surfaced the web and you can check it out below.

20th Pirouette

  1. Tussle vs Konono N°1 – Soft Crush
  2. Remember Remember – Hey Zeus
  3. Noiserv – 6:00 am – Mr. Carousel
  4. Mik Keusen’s Blau – 14.0
  5. Flamingods – Sun
  6. The Flaming Lips with Lightning Bolt – I Want To Get High But I Don’t Want Brain Damage
  7. Now We’ve Got Members – You Have Not Suceeded
  8. Gary Numan – Cars
  9. Quando Quango – Low Rider
  10. Good Sport – Dudes
  11. Pôle – Montelimar
  12. Jono El Grande – Borrelia Boogie
  13. Sensible Soccers – Fernanda
  14. Soviac – French
  15. John Rydgren – Hippy Version of Creation