Lime Headed Dog drop Dalmation Bitch in February

Lime Headed Dog - Dalmation Bitch

Lime Headed Dog are a London based creative experimentalist outfit led by former Good Shoes bass player Joel Cox.

Their fourth album Dalmation Bitch drops on February 1st.

You can watch a teaser of the album below and other album previews on

Dalmation Bitch is the follow up to Necks Of The Woods released last year (June 15th 2011).

Necks of The Woods was selected by ATP as one the the best albums of 2011.
The album was “genuinely unlike anything I’ve heard before – it won’t get anywhere near your chart but check it out anyway” said Tom Davis of ATP.

Lime Headed Dog teased today remixes from I Ching and Tom Vek. We can’t wait to hear these.

Whilst we wait for new tracks from Dalmation Bitch and new remixes, check out out below the fourth teaser for Dalmation Bitch and Tom Vek‘s ‘Aroused’ remixed by Lime Headed Dog.