Luo share closing track ‘Coda’ from incoming Convoluted Mess Machine EP

We’re excitingly close to the release of Convoluted Mess Machine, the new 4-track EP from Luo. Ahead of its release on October 15th through Art As Catharsis, the Brighton duo of Josh Trinnaman and Barney Sage have let loose the gorgeous closing track ‘Coda’. Speaking about it, they comment:

“It’s the nice pretty melodic one for those of you that aren’t as keen on our other noisy rubbish and wish for a return to that glorious era when we didn’t use distorted guitars
At the time we were listening to a lot of Steve Reich and the riff came out of trying to write something like one of his cool interlocking melodies (think Electric Counterpoint) and then blending that with a heavy dose of influence from Richard Spaven & Telefon Tel Aviv.”

Listen to ‘Coda’ below.

Luo return with new EP Convoluted Mess Machine; listen to lead single ‘Tightrope Tap Dancer’

Brighton’s Luo, the duo of Josh Trinnaman and Barney Sage, are back with a new EP this October. Entitled Convoluted Mess Machine, the 4-track EP sees them exploring new sonic territory. The pair comments:

“With this EP we really wanted to push some of the darker territory we explored on Unspoken a bit further, whilst also re-incorporating some of the lighter, melodic and more rhythmically complex aspects of earlier Luo material back in – whilst also going in some slightly newer directions we haven’t explored before. We also wanted to see what would happen if we worried less about what we were making as we found we weren’t finishing ideas after feeling anxious they wouldn’t fit in our catalogue or might be alienating.

We have pretty erratic listening & writing habits which comes through in what we make, so in order to make sense of something that doesn’t really make sense, we created the convoluted mess machine as a way of sort of contextualising our creative process and enabling us to justify to ourselves in making any creative decision, letting tracks write themselves, ingesting influences from all over the place and regurgitating them in these weird mutant forms.”

Convoluted Mess Machine arrives on October 15th through Art As Catharsis and ahead of it Luo have shared the superb and intoxicating opening track ‘Tightrope Tap Dancer’. Take a listen now.

Luo drop new single ‘In The Dark’

Luo - In The DarkBrighton’s Luo have recently shared a new version of ‘In The Dark’, originally released in the 2013 Imprints EP.
Initially birthed as the solo project of electronic musician and producer Josh Trinaman, the band’s live line-up has incorporated a number of different guests. Now a quartet with the addition of Jake Keeble, Rik Coe and Sam Hughes, Luo are gearing up to release their debut album. If the staggering and explosive ‘In The Dark’ is anything to go by, we are in for a treat. Listen to it now.

‘In The Dark’ is out now via Small Pond Recordings.