Manu Delago previews upcoming album, Environ Me, with video for new track ‘Liquid Hands’

Manu Delago‘s Environ Me, an audio-visual album of 12 songs paired with 12 music videos, will see the light of day in just a month. As release day approaches, and after sharing four singles and accompanying films, Delago has unveiled a new track called ‘Liquid Hands’ and a video choreographed by himself and Cornelia Voglmayr. Filmed in a frozen lake, the video for ‘Liquid Hands’ is a drum’n’bass choreography for 8 hands featuring Delago, Charly Mair, Chris Norz and Jakob Köhle. Watch it below.

Environ Me is out on September 24th through One Little Independent Records.

Manu Delago unveils video for new single ‘Curveball’

‘Curveball’ is the second stunning single lifted from Manu Delago‘s forthcoming album Environ Me, following lead track ‘Interference’. Delago has paired the track with a video, coreographed by himself and also featuring percussionists Charly Mair and Chris Norz playing ball games in UV light. Watch it now.

Environ Me is out on September 24th through One Little Independent Records.

Watch Manu Delago’s video for ‘Interference’

Hot on the heels of the recently announced Environ Me, Manu Delago shared earlier this month a phenomenal video to accompany the album’s first single, ‘Interference’. The video depicts perfectly human interference in nature and features the staggeringly talented percussionist and composer along with five other percussionists on a metal structure, with electricity poles around and right in the middle of mountains. Watch it below.

Environ Me is out on September 24th through One Little Independent Records.

Watch the live performance of Anoushka Shankar & Manu Delago with Metropole Orkest Strings at Le Guess Who?’s 2018 edition

The 12th edition of Le Guess Who? festival in 2018 was an absolute musical paradise filled with wondrous and unforgettable performances. One that stood out for us was that of Anoushka Shankar & Manu Delago with Metropole Orkest Strings, playing on the third day of the festival. True masters of their instruments, Shankar following in the footsteps of her father on the sitar, and Delago a pioneer of the hang, the pair enthralled the audiences at TivoliVredenburg’s Grotezaal, performing with the 27-member string section of the Metropole Orkest, under the direction of conductor Jules Buckley.
Le Guess Who? has today shared the full video recording so if you’ve missed it, fear not, we can now relive this beguiling performance as it happened. Nick Helderman directs.

The 14th edition of Le Guess Who? takes place 11-14 November throughout Utrecht and festival passes are now available on, where you can also find more info.

Manu Delago unveils new single, ‘Interference’, from upcoming album Environ Me

Manu Delago is no stranger to extraordinary feats and challenges, having recorded his 2018 album Parasol Peak with an ensemble of seven musicians on a mountaineering expedition in the Alps. Two albums later, the tremendously talented percussionist and composer recently undertook another phenomenal feat, embarking on a tour of Austria with his band, where he played 25 shows in 35 days, travelling solely by bike with all their gear. And there’s no stopping him! Delago is ready to gift the world with a new album entitled Environ Me, with the environment placed at the heart of it. An audio-visual effort, Environ Me is offered with a collection of expertly made films and each of its 12 tracks “represent a different element and contains its own inspired and individual concept, varying from the use of wildlife, fire and water to the manmade steel, gears, Velcro and more”, as the press release describes.

Along with the news, Delago has shared the staggering single ‘Interference’, of which he says:

“The track is symbolic for human interference on the planet. As visual and sonic symbols I chose an electricity pole and the metal framework of a mountain draglift next to it because they appear in the middle of nowhere, where one would expect pure nature. This symbol could be anything else that humans created like square crop fields, glowing cities, never-ending motorways or a cut-down rain forest. ‘Interference’ is also the opening track of my new album and in a way builds a transition from my last album ‘Circadian’. I even used some recordings at the start which were left over from those sessions. But then the track takes a more electronic direction, and especially at the end it’s a real outburst of energy with a drum solo and metallic sounds recorded on that metal framework.”

Environ Me arrives on September 24th through One Little Independent Records. Now lend you ears to ‘Interference’.

Mixtape #119

One of the most extraordinary contemporary musicians out there, the staggeringly talented Austrian percussionist and composer Manu Delago got us under his spell a while back. So much so that his two previous beguiling studio albums, Circadian and Parasol Peak, both made it to our Album Picks of the Year. Highly in demand, he has garnered wide acclaim in recent years performing and recording with an impressive list of artists, including Anoushka Shankar, Björk, Poppy Ackroyd, the London Symphony Orchestra, and many others. A pioneer of the handpan, Delago‘s technical ability and creativity knows no bounds. So we’re over the moon to have him curating this month’s mixtape with an utterly sublime selection of tracks.

  1. Daniel Thorne – From Inside, Looking Out [Erased Tapes]
  2. Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld – Never Were the Way She Was [Constellation]
  3. Douglas Dare – Wherever You Are [Erased Tapes]
  4. Khushi – From Me [Warner Records]
  5. KÁRYYN – Ever [Mute]
  6. 5K HD – 10/15 [fiveK Records]
  7. S. Carey – Rose Petals [Jagjaguwar]
  8. Sufjan Stevens – Fourth of July [Asthmatic Kitty]
  9. Soap&Skin – Italy [PIAS]
  10. Pablo Nouvelle feat. Norma Jean Martine – We Ain’t Dead Yet [Bakara Music / Armada]
  11. The Cinematic Orchestra – Time & Space [Ninja Tune / Domino]
  12. Nirvana – Where Did You Sleep Last Night [Blue Moon Records]