Mary Lattimore shares video for ‘Hello From the Edge of the Earth’

Photo: Rachael Pony Cassells

We’re only three weeks away from the release of Mary Lattimore‘s new album, Hundreds of Days, and she had already enticed us with two singles off it. ‘Hello From The Edge of the Earth’ was the first taste lifted from the record and it is now being offered with a visual accompaniment, directed by Issac Williams. Here it is.

Hundreds of Days is out on May 18th via Ghostly International.

Mary Lattimore shares new single ‘It Feels Like Floating’

Last month LA-based experimental harpist Mary Lattimore shared ‘Hello From the Edge of the Earth’, the first single from her upcoming album Hundreds of Days. With its release fast approaching, Lattimore is enticing us again with the gentle and ethereal ‘It Feels Like Floating’. She had this to say about the track:

“It started off being a song about a description of a guy’s drug experience – it was the answer when I asked what it felt like to him. The song morphed into an ode to anything that you do alone and personal; be it swimming or skateboarding in the night by yourself; riding a bike or playing a harp in a redwood barn by the Pacific Ocean. It’s looking at the world through a filter of blissed-out detachment, untouchable for a minute.”

Let ‘It Feels Like Floating’ envelop you.

Hundreds of Days is out on May 18th via Ghostly International.

Mary Lattimore announces new album, Hundreds of Days, and shares first single

Photo: Rachael Pony Cassells

Mary Lattimore has announced the release of a new album, Hundreds of Days, which will be out on May 18th via Ghostly International. Involved in a multitude of projects, the LA-based experimental harpist has collaborated and recorded with the likes of Jeff Zeigler, Thurston Moore, Kurt Vile, Steve Gunn, M. Craft and Jarvis Cocker, amongst many more. Using effects and an improvisational approach, Lattimore is known for pushing the boundaries of her instrument. As with her previous recordings, usually connected to a location and time, Hundreds of Days is shaped by her new LA surroundings, having only recently moved there from Philadelphia. As the press release describes, “inside her music, wordless narratives, indefinite travelogues, and braided events skew into something enchantingly new.” Crafted in a redwood barn in San Francisco, Hundreds of Days “sojourns between silences and speech, between microcosmic daily scenes and macrocosmic universal understandings, between being alien in promising new places and feeling torn from old native havens.”

Lattimore has shared the first taste of her upcoming album, ‘Hello From the Edge of the Earth’ and you can listen to it below.