Nedry drop new single ‘Violaceae’ and unveil official video

Nedry - Violaceae single artwork

Nedry, the outfit made up of Matt Parker, Chris Amblin and Ayu Okakita, are releasing the single ‘Violaceae’ this Monday March 5th.
A week later their somophore album In a Dim Light hits stores via Monotreme Records.

As previously mentioned, Nedry offered ‘Post Six’ and ‘Float’, two tracks off In a Dim Light, back in December.

The digital download of ‘Violacea’ includes a new edit of the the track and two remixes by Polinski and Gazelle Town.
Both the single and the album can be pre-ordered here.

The trio unveiled today the official video for ‘Violaceae’ made by Dan Tassell.
Here’s what he said about the video:

“The original idea was to create a video that explored a dream or a detachment from reality, a self contained world that could be informed by the atmosphere of the track. From an early stage we decided to create something quite stripped back to allow Ayu’s lyrics to take centre stage. Shooting in a studio allowed maximum control over the light and shadow and to explore Ayu’s performance at macro level picking up on subtle facial gestures and movements. The black and white format allowed us to have some fun exploring the relationship between light and dark to reflect the haunting undertone of the track and lyrics. Several animated sequences were used to locate Ayu within a self-contained ‘dreamworld’ in which she escapes from her imprisonment in a cocoon or shroud of darkness as the track progresses.”

Check out the video for ‘Violaceae’ below.

Mixtape #22

  1. The Early Years – Complicity [Sonic Cathedral]
  2. The New Lines – La Reciprocite [Moon Glyph]
  3. Polinksi – AWaltzOfLight [Monotreme Records]
  4. Vinyl Williams – Higher Worlds [Golden Face Records / Mixed Magic Artists Group]
  5. Theme Park – Milk [Luv Luv Luv Records]
  6. St. Vincent – Marrow [4AD]
  7. La Big Vic – Mr Broken Bird [Underwater Peoples Records]
  8. All The Saints – Half Red, Half Way [Souterrain Transmissions]
  9. Nerves Junior – Champagne & Peaches [sonaBLAST! Records]
  10. Parts & Labor – Echo Chamber [Jagjaguwar]
  11. Nedry – Float [Monotreme Records]
  12. Little Girls – White Night [Hand Drawn Dracula]
  13. Atlas Sound – Te Amo [4AD]
  14. Cocteau Twins – Winter Wonderland [4AD]
  15. Kiss My Jazz – Good Night Irene [Heaven Hotel]

Nedry offer two new tracks from upcoming somophore album


London based trio Nedry announced the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut album Condors. In a Dim Light will be released on March 12th via Monotreme Records. Nedry’s somophore album will be available digitally, on cd and also as a 500 limited 180gm vinyl edition.


‘Post Six’ and ‘Float’ are two brand new tracks from In a Dim Light which you can now stream/download.