Neil Cowley announces trilogy of new EP’s, Building Blocks, Pt. 1 out this Friday

Celebrated and talented pianist and composer Neil Cowley embraced a solo career last year, after more than a decade with his trio, Neil Cowley Trio. Following a period of self-discovery and reinvention as an artist, he is delving further into his solo career with a trilogy of new EP’s. Entitled Building Blocks, his new work weaves a mosaic of sounds and influences, skillfully merging elements of ambient, electronic, improvisational and contemporary classical music. As the press release describes, the new compositions “chronicl[e] Neil Cowley’s reconnection with his principal instrument and old friend, the piano.”

The first EP, Building Blocks, Pt. 1, will see the light of day this Friday and Cowley is offering ‘Eureka Pulse’ as the first utterly sublime and delicate taste from it.

In other good news, Neil Cowley has also announced a debut solo album will arrive in 2021, following the EP’s release.

Neil Cowley set to release solo EP Beat Infinitum

After more than a decade with his trio, Neil Cowley Trio, Neil Cowley has embarked on a solo career. In the works for a while, the fruit of his solo endeavour comes out next week in the shape of an EP called Beat Infinitum. The EP saw the incredibly talented pianist and composer embrace new technology while keeping his music heartfelt and human. He explains:

“What happens when you look for heart and humanity from within the clutches of technology?

In essence a snapshot of my studio would tell you all you need to know about my journey. Boxes, machines, synths, compressors, faders and switches. I have surrounded myself with these things and endeavoured to learn all of their workings over a long period of time. I have learnt a lot. But when the learning was over, it was time to create something human; and I then almost had to re-teach myself how to feel and make music about feeling. So I reintroduced my piano and I reintroduced harmony and melody and tried to create emotion from within the deep recesses of the machines at my disposal.

Using raw emotional inspiration such as Renee Jeanne Falconetti’s agonising facial expressions from the 1928 film ‘The Passion of Joan of Arc’, a mild obsession with walled gardens far and wide in an effort to understand what happens to the mind in these fabricated but solitary places and a general internal battle with the daily pressures and addictions of technology, I feel I have finally carved out something that has taken a step back in the direction of human feeling but is both of the heart and of the machine.”

‘Involution’ serves as the first taste from Beat Infinitum EP ahead of its release on July 5th. Take a listen now.