Nightports share second single from upcoming album with Tom Herbert

Nightports w/ Tom Herbert is the new collaborative album from inventive British duo Nightports with phenomenal bass player Tom Herbert, releasing on May 6th via The Leaf Label. Throughout Nightports w/ Tom Herbert, Herbert’s command of the double bass is on display. Speaking about the recording process, he says:

“Recording the music for the Nightports album was a very straightforward and enjoyable experience for me, I had nothing to prepare or learn and just spent a relaxed, if intensive, day of recording with Adam and Mark, who just let me improvise, occasionally throwing in a suggestion or idea for me to explore. They had the difficult job of sifting through the recordings and editing and shaping it into a coherent piece of work! I had very little memory of what I had played and I had no idea how extreme Adam and Mark were going to get with their production, so whenever they sent me anything it was always a surprise. I’m very proud of this music. It really feels like a great balance between and representation of my playing and their vision.”

The news emerged last month along with the first riveting single, ‘Arcs’ and now they are following it up with a second single called ‘October’ and an accompanying video by GOOD BOY. Watch it below.

Nightports unveil new album with Tom Herbert; listen to first single ‘Arcs’

Photo: Joe Collinson

There’s a new album on the way from inventive British duo Nightports. The pair approach their different projects with pre-defined rules, and in their two previous albums, they only used sounds produced by a featured musician, discovering varied ways to explore and rework the artist’s music. Following their 2018 collaboration with Matthew Bourne, and the 2020 collaboration with Betamax, which was one of our favourite Albums of 2020, Nightports joined forces with phenomenal bass player Tom Herbert (Polar Bear, The Invisible) for their next record. Entitled Nightports w/ Tom Herbert, on the album Herbert’s command of the double bass is on display throughout. “Through our collaboration, we wanted to show different sides to the instrument and reveal the real details of Tom’s playing,” Slater comments. “In our approach, we wanted to highlight all that the double bass is and can be, and to put it centre stage.”

We’ll have to wait until April 29th for the album to be out through The Leaf Label but we can already hear the first riveting single, ‘Arcs’. The track comes with an accompanying video made by GOODBOY. Watch it below.

Mixtape #123

We love Nightports’ sublime music. The inventive duo of British musicians and producers Adam Martin and Mark Slater approach their different projects with sets of pre-defined rules. Their recent EP, Wat Chedi Luang, was created using recordings from a unique day and place. Similarly, for their two previous albums, they only used sounds produced by a featured musician, discovering varied ways to explore and rework the artist’s music. Following their 2018 collaboration with Matthew Bourne, last year’s dazzling sonic collaboration, Nightports w/ Betamax, made it to our favourite Albums of 2020 and we simply can’t put it down. So we’re delighted they stitched together this phenomenal mix for us. Dig in!

  1. Anna Meredith – Calion [Moshi Moshi] 0:00
  2. Eli Keszler – Measurement Doesn’t Change the System At All [Shelter Press] 4:30
  3. Floating Points – Anasickmodular [Ninja Tune] 8:03
  4. Beatrice Dillon – Workaround One [Pan (3)] 11:10
  5. Laurence Pike – Rapture [The Leaf Label] 14:29
  6. TOMAGA – Squeek and Chatter [Negative Days] 18:06
  7. Leafcutter John – Pillar [Border Community] 22:35
  8. Sebastian Rochford & Pamelia Kurstin – Ouch [i] [Slowfoot] 27:28
  9. MRR-ADM – 2wo 31:35
  10. Autechre – esc desc [Warp] 33:46
  11. A Winged Victory for the Sullen – The Rhythm Of A Dividing Pair [Ninja Tune] 38:27
  12. No. 3 – No. 3 42:34
  13. Ametsub – Snowy Lava [Progressive Form / Third Ear] 50:30
  14. Domenique Dumont – People on Sunday [The Leaf Label] 54:42

Nightports release Wat Chedi Luang EP

Following the excellent Nightports w/ Betamax, released earlier this year, Nightports put out a new EP last week titled Wat Chedi Luang. In their previous works, Adam Martin and Mark Slater, who make up Nightports, collaborated with other musicians exploring and reworking their music with the single remit of only using sounds produced by the featured musician. On Wat Chedi Luang EP, Nightports used a different rule, creating music only with sounds recorded in a specific place on one day. The EP was recorded at a 14th Century temple in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand on December 22nd 2018.

Using the same rules of restriction, opening track ‘Stupa’ has been paired with a video produced by generative visual artist Jake Dubber. Watch it below.

Watch the new live Betamax video from upcoming Nightports w/ Betamax record

We’re just a day away from the release of Nightports w/ Betamax, the new Nightports album, this time in collaboration with drummer and percussionist Betamax. Following the rhythmically wild, relentless and hypnotic single ‘Hydro’, they are giving us another taste of the upcoming record with new single ‘Sparke’, offered with a live video recorded at Betamax’s studio ‘The Shard’. Check it out.

Nightports w/ Betamax is out on June 12th through The Leaf Label