Pevin Kinel releases new video for ‘Systemic Risks’

Pevin Kinel - Systemic RisksWe’ve been eagerly waiting for Pevin Kinel to resurface with a follow-up to his outstanding Syntactic Sugars, which was one of our Album Picks of 2012 and remains a favourite. The effort was followed a couple of years later with SEO Your Friends, a marvellous and compelling A-side single featuring ‘Fifteen’ and ‘In a Way you would Care’. Although there’s no new music in sight, Pevin has shared a fittingly excellent new video for ‘Systemic Risks’, lifted from Syntactic Sugars. The London based multi-instrumentalist, who has been filming more than recording, explains how the video came about:

“About a month ago I realised I had shot enough bits and bobs to put together something bigger than your usual found footage music video. I picked the instrumental track Systemic Risks and instantly, everything became clear. Out of those random clips I would weave a complex multi-threaded narrative juxtaposing the immensity of the cosmos with the futile aspirations of man, contrast that with the heart-tugging beauty of nature, then riff about the end of the world for a bit.
I started the editing work and it quickly became apparent there was no way I would be able to tell a comprehensible story with just random bits of video. So I had to settle for that harmless found footage music video feel everybody as come to dread, but with the comforting thought that all that footage had been found on my own hard drive.”

To tide you over until Pevin releases new music, enjoy the video for ‘Systemic Risks’ below.

Pevin Kinel unleashes double A-side single SEO Your Friends

Pevin Kinel - SEO Your FriendsLast week, without any announcement, Pevin Kinel unveiled a double A-side single entitled SEO Your Friends, featuring ‘Fifteen’ and ‘In a Way you would Care’. It follows his outstanding 2012’s Syntactic Sugars, which was one of our Album Picks of the Year.
The London based multi-instrumentalist and one-man-orchestra, got us used to expect anything from him, with his flair for experimenting and exploring an immensity of musical territories. With SEO Your Friends, Pevin delivers again a fascinating and unique project crafted with a strong social conscience. Other than the excellent two singles, SEO Your Friends comes laced with a heartfelt and moving short speech by Leslie Pickering, the former spokesperson for the Earth Liberation Front Press Office. The speech was extracted from the film Testify by Michael Becker and Stephen Gamboa.
Here’s the blurb Pevin wrote to accompany the release:

“You would do anything for the people you love. That’s why the couple of songs I’m releasing today come in a neat wrapping entitled “SEO Your Friends”. Because when you stop a minute and really think about it, if you go calling someone your friend and then don’t do anything to improve their ranking in Google search results, can you say you care for them at all? Can you say you have their best interests at heart? Or are you simply trying to isolate them from the world like some possesive freak? Think about this for a minute, and then, do the right thing. Show the ones you love that they truly matter to you. SEO your friends.”

The other good news is SEO Your Friends can now be streamed or download for free on his website. Get a taste of this absolute must listen with ‘Fifteen’.

Mixtape #29
A long time favourite here at Cast the Dice, Pevin Kinel is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and one man orchestra based in London, UK. Drawing influences from various musical genres, it's no surprise Pevin put together such an eclectic and diverse mixtape.


Pevin Kinel drops mouth-watering full-length album

Early this year,  Normandie born and London based self-taught multi-instrumentalist Pevin Kinel announced the release of his full-length album Syntactic Sugars.

Pevin first enticed us with the lead single ‘Dusty‘, a great uplifting electronic piece, and followed it with ‘Fake ppl‘, a charming track with layered folksy vocals.

June 5th finally saw the release of his much anticipated new album, spanning thirteen tracks and each sounding stylistically different from the other.
Syntactic Sugars channels many different influences showing Pevin’s huge creativity and diversity. The album, all written, played, recorded and produced by Pevin himself,  is so varied that no matter what you’re into, there is a track on the album that will appeal to your taste.

Head over to his bandcamp to stream the album free and buy it for only a couple of british pounds.

Check out below two tracks from the album, the ominous opening track ‘Master Removers’ and the title track, featuring Campa La Hampa and some frenzied percussion. Enjoy.