Sam Ospovat and Serge Rogalski form ROOM, release debut album

ROOM - La Malédiction du M

Over the years, drummer/percussionist Sam Ospovat has lent his talents to numerous projects, including Beep, Naytronix, tUnE-yArDs, Anteater and Kapowski, to name but a few. With PIKI, his solo project, Ospovat released a tremendous self-titled debut album in 2012, which remains a favourite of ours. So we were ecstatic to learn about ROOM, his most recent collaborative project with French guitarist and electronic musician Serge Rogalski. The pair have recently released a full-length album, La Malédiction du M, via their bandcamp. An album of absorbingly weird, rich and mostly improvised sounds, La Malédiction du M is an exceptional and powerful release that clearly showcases the duo’s talent.
To whet your appetite, listen to ‘Où les zèbres dorment’ and ‘Flashing candies under my tongue’ below. The first comes with an accompanying video. Enjoy.

Mixtape #37
From the heart of Oakland, CA, comes a pacemaker of a man, Sam Ospovat, a tremendous drummer and percussionist with his finger in many pies. This month, as PIKI, his solo project incarnation, he cooked for us a mixtape filled with fresh, local ingredients, topped with some American staples and a sweet European icing. Bon appétit!


Sam Ospovat offers brand new solo album

We wanted to start the year with something amazing, and at first listen, drummer/percussionist Sam Ospovat‘s recently released album PIKI clearly earns this spot.

Hailing from Nebraska, and now based in Oakland, California, Sam Ospovat has been involved with several other outfits including Beep, Naytronix, tUnE-yArDs, Timosaurus, Anteater, Kapowski and many others.

Under the moniker PIKI, Sam released his self-titled solo album last November, which he describes as a “a collection of solo pieces, polyrhythmic songs, and sound tableaux”. PIKI was recorded with the help of Ross Peacock, Chris Golinsky, Carlos Arredondo and mastered with Eli Crews (Mwahaha, tUnE-yArDs, Deerhoof, Geographer). You can stream and download the whole album for free or on a pay-what-you-want basis via his bandcamp.
Here’s two gems from the album, ‘Choisi non choisi’ and ‘Non Clapping Music’, to enjoy as you start your new year!