Pinkunoizu unveil new single and video from upcoming EP

Pinkuzoizu - I Chi

Danish four-piece Pinkunoizu have unveiled a video for ‘I Chi’, a new cut lifted from their upcoming EP Second Amendment.
Due out on May 6th, the EP will be available digitally via Full Time Hobby and physically with a limited edition 12” vinyl via Everybody’s Stalking.

Second Amendment was recorded in London in one day and edited afterwards in Berlin by the outfit’s lead songwriter Andreas Pallisgaard and drummer Jaleh Negari.
“We initially wanted to make a pure, live documentation from the sound we had built together whilst touring, but I think in the end we always find it a bit boring to just do that.”, explain Pinkunoizu. “Listening to our music on record should be more of a fictionalized space rather than an attempt to present something as being real and happening in front of the listener when it in fact is not.”

Speaking about the title chosen for the EP, Pallisgaard said it “also hints at clouds of gunpowder, men on horses, frantic ideas of property rights on a deserted barren continent, weary attempts at defining cultural structures and personal freedom.”

Here’s the video for ‘I Chi’ directed by Ewan Jones Morris. Straight after listen to the EP’s closing track ‘Tin Can Valley’.

Take the time for Pinkunoizu’s Free Time!

Pinkunoizu are a 4-piece collective based in Copenhagen and Berlin. The foursome comprising Jeppe Brix (guitar), Andreas Pallisgaard (guitar, vocals), Jakob Falgren (guitar, bass, keyboards) and Jaleh Negari (drums) are about to drop their self-recorded debut full-length album entitled Free Time!.

The upcoming album will hit stores on March 26th via Full Time Hobby. Just hit the link to pre-order it.

The opening track from the album ‘Time Is Like A Melody’ and ‘Everythig Is Broken Or Stolen’ were featured in their PEEP EP released last year.  Listen to both tracks below.