s t a r g a z e and Greg Saunier’s Deerhoof Chamber Variations EP out today

s t a r g a z e - Data

Today sees the release of Deerhoof Chamber Variations, the joint EP from Berlin’s instrumental collective s t a r g a z e and Deerhoof’s drummer and composer Greg Saunier. Conceived as a continuous piece of instrumental music, the material was originally written for Deerhoof, and this collaboration saw Saunier arrange and recompose these 9 1/2 song for a classical chamber ensemble. He used “exactly the same notes as in the originals while rearranging the songs structurally, in a kind of miniaturizing and abstracting way”, explains the press release, adding that “s t a r g a z e adapted this new composition to their particular line-up and the musicians’ personal skills”.

Here’s a fantastic taste from the EP, ‘Data’. It comes with a video directed by Robin Coops. Watch it below and grab the EP through Transgressive Records.