Snapped Ankles drop video for latest single ‘Rechargeable’

Snapped Ankles had already shared their second blistering single ‘Rechargeable’, off their upcoming second album Stunning Luxury. Ahead of its release on March 1st through The Leaf Label, the London based band have shared an accompanying video. Described as “a call to harness the kinetic energy of dance to push against the rigid continuity of the daily routine”, the video keeps with the track’s theme. Take a look.

Watch Snapped Ankles’s video for ‘CIA Man (NSA Man Violation)’

Snapped Ankles have a covers EP coming out for Record Store Day, Violations, featuring tracks by Can, Joey Beltram and Comateens. The EP also features the trio’s take on The Fugs’ 1965 track ‘CIA Man’ with their NSA Man Violation cover. “Having unearthed The Fugs’ ‘CIA Man’ some years before, we were shocked to discover a newer, more sinister agency had taken over from the diatribe’s protagonist, so we updated Tuli Kupferberg’s list of ills…”, said the band. “Of course every time the song is now mentioned online, a blip of data triggers a filter that enters a file that rings a bell in a bunker deep under a mountain in Pennsylvania. So now the forest is full of agents looking for us, and we are taping up our microphones and cameras and walking backwards through our own footprints to shake them off…”

Snapped Ankles have shared a video for ‘CIA Man (NSA Man Violation)’ and you can watch it below. Diet Clinic directs.

Violations EP is out on April 21st through The Leaf Label.