Suuns share new video for ‘X-ALT’ as European tour dates commence

With four excellent albums under their belt, including one of our Album Picks of 2016, Suuns have been touring relentlessly in both Europe and North America in recent years. After a tour earlier this year coinciding with the release of their fourth album Felt, the quartet are back on the road, playing several dates in European cities, including a show in Porto at Maus Hábitos on October 30th.
A new tour calls for celebration and Suuns have shared a new video for ‘X-ALT’ made by Montreal-based director Laura Gonçalves. She comments on it:

“X-ALT is like the amusement & attraction of movement, speed and intensity. The effects were created by plastic and analog processes, establishing paradoxes between the park and the dance group footage. What we see are the raw results of the captures, no post-production effects were applied. The video evolves organically and uncontrollably into specular and datamoshing devices. Electronic clouds and multicolored echoes consume and burn on the musical ride.”

Here’s the video.

Felt is out now through Secretly Canadian.

Suuns preview upcoming album with new single ‘Make It Real’

After sharing ‘Watch You, Watch Me’, Suuns are giving us another excellent reason to be excited for their upcoming album, Felt, with its second single, ‘Make It Real’. “Here, we’re all playing in ways that are counter-intuitive for us as a band, organic drums, major keys, but as long as it works, we’ll take it,” explained the quartet’s drummer Liam O’Neill. “It used to have a chorus too, but we thought it would be more interesting to have this song be almost entirely linear – an asymmetrical progression that grows upwards and then repeats. The infinity feeling.”

‘Make It Real’ comes with a video directed by Sabrina Ratté, who had this to say about it:

“When I first listened to ‘Make it Real,’ I immediately visualized pop and colorful imageries. I revisited Superstudio and Archigram’s utopian architecture, which became my main inspiration for this video. This project was also the opportunity to experiment further with some of my personal techniques where I map photographs (or in this case video of the band) onto 3D structures. I’ve worked with Suuns on a previous music video about five years ago, and did many visuals for them in live settings.”

Watch the video below and watch out for the release of Felt on March 2nd through Secretly Canadian.

In support of the new album, and following a few shows in Canada and in the US at Big Ears right after the release of Felt, Suuns are returning to Europe in late March for several live shows including at London’s Scala on April 5th. Check all their stops here.

Suuns set to release fourth album, Felt, in March

Suuns have announced the follow-up to Hold/Still, which was one of our 15 Picks of 2016. Entitled Felt, the quartet’s new album arrives on March 2nd through Secretly Canadian and just like their previous record, it was produced by John Congleton. More playful and brighter, Felt “is not as clinical”, said singer/guitarist Ben Shemie. “There’s more swagger”.

The vibrant album cover seems to mirror the fresh vividness in the band’s sounds. Shemie explains:

“I was at a barbecue last summer and there were balloons everywhere. I love this idea of compression, like something might pop. So, I had this image of a hand touching a balloon, a bubble gummy kind of vibe. But the challenge was how to depict that in an interesting way. If it’s a real hand it’s too sexual; there’s too much symbolism. So, we made plaster casts of our hands, like statues, and chose the best one. Joseph came up with the color scheme, the sickly green background, and shot the whole cover in an hour.”

Ahead of Felt‘s release, Suuns are teasing it with ‘Watch You, Watch Me’, and it comes with an accompanying video directed by Ruff Mercy.

Suuns share new video for ‘Instrument’

Suuns - InstrumentSuuns released their excellent third album, Hold/Still, earlier this year and they dropped three singles, ‘Translate’, ‘Paralyzer’ and ‘Brainwash‘, all paired with a visual accompaniment part of a triptych of videos. Now, the Montreal based quartet has unveiled a new video for ‘Instrument’, also off Hold/Still, directed by Italian photographer Pamela Maddaleno. Watch it below.

Since releasing Hold/Still in April, Suuns have been touring relentlessly in both Europe and North America, and they aren’t looking to slow down just yet. Suuns have a ton of dates lined up throughout the summer in a multitude of European festivals, and several more dates confirmed for Autumn.

Hold/Still is out now via Secret City in Canada and Secretly Canadian in the rest of the world.