Mixtape #64

This month's mixtape is curated by the one and only Waterstrider. Earlier this year, the Oakland based quintet released Nowhere Now, one of those rare albums in which pretty much every single song is an instant hit. Their distinctive sound, with unforgettable gliding vocals, intricate guitars and infectious grooves merges many genres in such a tight unit that we thought a mixtape would help unravel the wide array of their influences. Turns out, you can also boogie to it.


The Seshen release second single off forthcoming EP

The Seshen - 2000 Seasons

With the imminent release of a new EP, San Francisco based septet The Seshen dropped a second single off it earlier this week, titled ‘2000 Seasons’.
Aki Ehara, Lalin St. Juste, Akasha Orr, Kumar Butler, Mirza Kopelman, Mahesh Rao and Chris Thalmann, who make up the outfit, said the new single is “about the story of self-entitled conquest”. They added that “it addresses the individual who believes he has a calling to attain what is rightfully his but loses himself in the process.”. The song is named after the 1973 historical fiction novel by Ghanaian writer Ayi Kwei Armah. It definitely conquered our ears. Be sure to check it out below.