Thundercat releases new song ‘Final Fight’ for Adult Swim’s singles series

Last week Adult Swim brought us a treat of a new instalment of their singles program by LA’s virtuoso bassist and vocalist Thundercat. Entitled ‘Final Fight’, the song is Thundercat’s first new track since releasing last year’s widely acclaimed album Drunk. ‘Final Fight’ is a funk-fueled gem and you can listen to it below. Just turn your headphones up!

Mixtape #80

One of the most refreshing and thrilling things in music for the past decade has to be Brandt Brauer Frick. The acoustic dance trio from Berlin craft a sound that is as original as it is unclassifiable, combining traditional jazz instrumentation with electronica, and drawing influences from disparate musical worlds. Their last album, Joy, made it swiftly to our 15 Album Picks of 2016, so we're over the moon to present the intoxicating mix they put together for us this month, featuring tracks old and new from all around the globe. Press play and dance!


Mixtape #40

On the day they release their debut album, Fires in the Park, Benin City offer us this month's mixtape. With a mix that wanders from soul jazz and hip hop to electronica and many other genres, the vibrant London based trio show that their versatile sound, filled to the rim with rhymes, beats, horns and synths, takes root in their eclectic taste. Enjoy the ride!