Mixtape #108

With a unique and innovative approach to the guitar, Patrick Higgins is an incredibly forward-thinking and versatile musician and visionary composer and producer who, over the last decade, has made his mark on contemporary music. Relentlessly prolific, Higgins has an impressive list of recording projects to his name, both as a solo artist and collaborator, and has also composed for renowned ensembles and soloists. One of Le Guess Who?’s guest curators this year, Higgins offers an utterly sublime curated program including his own projects Dossier X and AEAEA. Ahead of the forthcoming 13th edition of Le Guess Who?, we are ecstatic to unveil this special mixtape he put together for us, serving as an extraordinary taster of what to expect from each of the phenomenal artists he has invited.

  1. Mariel Roberts – Intro (0:00)
  2. Tyondai Braxton – Phono Pastoral (1:30) [Nonesuch]
  3. Leila Bordreuil – Coincidence (5:40) [Catch Wave Ltd.]
  4. LEYA – Swan Lake (7:42 ) [NNA Tapes]
  5. Conrad Tao – Vivace: Aaron Copland Piano Sonata (9:45) [Warner Classics]
  6. Mariel Roberts – Irradiance (13:50) [Denovali]
  7. Josh Modney and Patrick Higgins – Renaissance Recap (19:00) [NNA Tapes]
  8. Stine Janvin – Tripple A (22:40) [Pan]
  9. Vicky Chow – vick(i/y) (25:00) [New Amsterdam Records]
  10. Miranda Cuckson – tanz.tanz (32:50) [New Focus Recordings]
  11. Lightning Bolt – Two Towers (37:12) [Load Records]
  12. Patrick Higgins – nightwalker, deerstalker (42:21) [NNA Tapes]
  13. Nicolas Jaar – Garden of Eden (46:05) [Other People]
  14. Patrick Higgins – White Lie (50:50) [Other People]

Tyondai Braxton returns with new album HIVE1

Tyondai Braxton - HIVE1

Tyondai Braxton‘s debut album, Central Market, came out six long years ago to widespread acclaim. The prodigious composer and musician may not have released any effort since then but he’s been busy composing solo and collaboratively. Other than performing Central Market with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, London Sinfonietta, BBC Symphony Orchestra, and New York’s Wordless Music Orchestra, Braxton has also composed commissioned pieces for ensembles like The Bang on a Can All Stars, Kronos Quartet, Alarm Will Sound, and Brooklyn Rider.

Following an invitation from New York’s Guggenheim Museum, and after leaving Battles in 2010, Braxton focused on HIVE, a live multimedia performance that was part architectural installation and part ensemble performance. Premiered in 2013, HIVE featured five musicians, each performing atop an space-age oval pods designed by Danish architect Uffe Surland Van Tams. HIVE has evolved into an album, HIVE1, featuring eight pieces composed originally for the live performance. HIVE1 will be out on May 12th via Nonesuch.
Braxton is giving us a tantalizing taste of it, with the quirky first single, ‘Scout1’.

First taste from Philip Glass remix project by Tyondai Braxton

Philip Glass, one of the world’s most celebrated composers, turns 75 this year and to commemorate it, the most impressive group of talented musicians contributed to Rework: Philip Glass Remixed, a collection of Glass’s original compositions that have been reworked and remixed.

According to the press release, the idea first come about after conversations between Glass and Beck, who then “recruited producer Hector Castillo (David Bowie, Björk, Lou Reed) to help assemble a collection of remixes of Glass’ works by a list of critically acclaimed artists.”
Other than Beck, Rework: Philip Glass Remixed features remixes from Tyondai Braxton, Cornelius, Dan Deacon, Amon Tobin, Peter Broderick and more.

The album will be available as a double LP and double CD and is slated for a October 23rd release via Orange Mountain Music / Ernest Jenning Record Co. and The Kora Records. You can pre-order it now.

We have just been graced with the first cut from the forthcoming album, a remix of ‘Rubric’, which comes from the hands of prodigious composer and musician Tyondai Braxton. It is amazing beyond belief and you’ll be hitting play again the second it ends. Here it is.

Mixtape #25

  1. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Seoul Music [Alfa Records]
  2. Tyondai Braxton – Pulse March [Cantaloupe Music]
  3. Gala Drop – Broda [Gala Drop Records]
  4. Pinkunoizu – Death Is Not A Cover [Full Time Hobby]
  5. Seluah – Sail Straight Into The Bombs [Karate Body Records]
  6. Ensemble Economique – To Feel The Night As It Really Is [Dekorder]
  7. Debo Band – Belomi Benna [self-released]
  8. Ryan Power – Mondo Rush [NNA Tapes]
  9. Halo Halo – Sunshine Kim [Savoury Days / M'Lady's Records]
  10. Yo La Tengo – Everyday [Matador Records]
  11. Dean Cercone – A Reflection Of You [self-released]
  12. Black To Comm – Mirror [De Stijl]
  13. Blank Realm – Full Moon Door [Bedroom Suck]
  14. Kevin Ayers – Town Feeling [Harvest]
  15. Ela Orleans – Reading Stones [La Station Radar]

13th Cycle

  1. Tyondai Braxton – Uffe’s Woodshop
  2. Arrington De Dionyso – Mani Malaikat
  3. Nisennenmondai – Destination Tokyo
  4. Le Tigre – Hot Topic
  5. Voice of the Seven Woods – The Fire In My Head
  6. Bleeding Heart Narrative – Perun
  7. The Durutti Column – Fridays
  8. Yourself and The Air – Sick Days
  9. Many Mansions – lightninging
  10. Mice Parade – Kupanda
  11. Yellow Ostrich – Libraries
  12. Psychedelic Horseshit – French Countryside
  13. Menomena – Cough Coughing
  14. Red Snapper – Regrettable
  15. Maria João & Mário Laginha – Unravel (Björk)