Chik Budo
+ DJ sets by Leaf Troup and Alpha Centauri

18th July 2013
2013 - 8pm
The Dalston Victoria
451 Queensbridge Rd. E8 3AS LONDON

£3 advance
£5 on the door
is over the moon to present a unique evening of tremendous live performances from:
a photo of the duo AK/DK
AK/DK: two humans : two drumkits. The sets are mainly improvised around ideas, and often feature guests, with the emphasis on noisey dancing... Their influences range from the early electronics of Raymond Scott, German Kosmische bands such as Harmonia and Neu, and more recent bands such as Death From Above 1979, and Add N to (X).

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Mixtape #36 by AK/DK
a photo of the quintet Chik Budo
Chik Budo are a five piece dance band that make heavy use of a dissonant brass section and a live set that trades computers and click tracks for a punk edged performance. The group make a loud, ecstatic sound that pulls in a range of influences veering from No-wave on uppers to a rough and ready take on Disco and House laced with a dose of squalling Saxophones and all meters firmly in the red.

Chik Budo on the web:

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Chik Budo roll out CB13 later this month
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