ECHT! announce debut full length album Inwane

Belgian instrumental outfit ECHT! got our full attention a couple of years ago with the release of their first EP, DOUF. They are ready to follow it up with their debut album this Autum. Entitled Inwane, the effort arrives on September 24th through Sbdan Ultra. Martin Méreau, Dorian Dumont, Florent Jeunieaux and Federico Pecoraro, who make up the band, had this to say about it:

“For our first album, we wanted to go into deeper beats. We were listening a lot to trap, gritty hip-hop & bass music, and we tried to emulate those kinds of beats on our instruments. The darkish mood of those music genres was fitting for us with this strangest year of 2020. But we also wanted to give a contrast with some brighter parts, where the human feeling is more present. This duality continued in the mixing process by pushing or destroying some sounds, adding electronic textures & effects, but also keeping some sounds really acoustic & organic. The result is for us a mature album: the feeling of electronic music emulated on instruments is confirmed but the human vibe stays central.”

Along with the news, ECHT! have shared the first single, ‘500 gr.’, an intoxicating and hypnotic track that heads straight to the depths of the dancefloor. Here it is.

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