Oiseaux-Tempête announce new live album TARAB طَرَبٌ and share video for ‘Carnaval’

Back in April Oiseaux-Tempête released one of our favourite albums this year, AL-‘AN ! الآن (And your night is your shadow — a fairy-tale piece of land to make our dreams). So news of a new live album entitled TARAB طَرَبٌ and due out in 2018 is an unexpected and exciting treat. The French outfit has shared a live video for ‘Carnaval’, an arresting and entrancing track featuring Mondkopf, Abed Kobeissy, Ali El Hout and Charbel Haber. As Human Pattern directs. Watch and hear for yourself below.

Following a recent European tour including a tremendous show at Le Guess Who?, Oiseaux-Tempête are set to play in Canada for the first time this week, with Jerusalem In My Heart and Suuns. They play Montreal’s La Sala Rossa this Thursday 23th and Toronto’s The Great Hall the day after.

Listen to M. Craft’s ‘Hips Meds Frolic’ off upcoming album Blood Moon Deconstructed

Photo: Kristy Campbell

Martin Craft, better known as M. Craft, released his third album Blood Moon last year. The Australian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer has reinterpreted and reworked his own album, creating a new instrumental offering, Blood Moon Deconstructed, set for release next month. While some tracks were stripped back, others were rebirthed as new compositions. “I found myself hearing a new, different potential within the record”, Craft said. “I knew there were interesting layers beneath the finals songs which could be mined for sound.”
Rooted in piano improvisations, Blood Moon Deconstructed saw M. Craft enlist a number of incredible guest contributors including Mary Lattimore on harp, Paul Cartwright on violins, Maxwell Sterling on double bass and Seb Rochford on drums amongst many more.

For a taste of the album, listen to the riveting opening track ‘Hips Meds Frolic’ below.

Blood Moon Deconstructed is out on December 15th on Heavenly Recordings.

Anenon announces fourth album Tongue and shares first single ‘Verso’

LA’s Anenon aka Brian Allen Simon has announced the follow up to last year’s wonderful album Petrol. Set to arrive on February 8th through Friends of Friends, Tongue was recorded near Palaia in Italy’s Tuscany region last April. Simon lived temporarily in a 16th century small villa  “to attempt to find something pure and ostensibly forgotten—soul music—not in the rhythm and blues sense, but something capable of reaching deep into our DNA coding and dimly remembered past”, explains the press release. This move, it adds, “is a reflection of Anenon’s drive to find a setting staggeringly gorgeous enough to match the iridescence of the compositions.” As with previous efforts, on Tongue we find Anenon exploring and merging an array of genres including jazz, classical, ambient and electronica.

‘Verso’ is the first stunning taste to be lifted from the album and you can stream it below.

Grandbrothers unleash video for ‘From A Distance’

Fresh off the release of their second spellbinding album, Open, German duo Grandbrothers have shared a new video for the album’s wonderful track ‘From a Distance’. The effort was directed by Dan Medhurst, who had this to say about it:

‘The film is a loose adaptation of the ancient Greek myth of Sisyphus who struggled to push a large rock up a mountain only for it to roll back down and for him to start again each day. It tells a tail of eternal struggle for our lead character (played by Mark Wingett) who appears to be locked in a convoluted journey for victory, but ultimately ends up back where he started. It also plays with the concept of eternal recurrence; That the universe and all existence has already occurred and will continue to reoccur infinitely.’

“I chose to shoot in the Brecon Beacons at night to emphasise a feeling of total isolation. We used a high powered custom built LED attached to a drone to light our character and shot on 50 year old, Russian anamorphic lenses to create haunting, unusual visuals which play with the idea of distance and anonymity.”

Here’s the video.

In other good news, and in support of the album, Grandbrothers have just embarked on a month-long European tour, which includes a show at London’s Rich Mix on November 21st.