Dummy’s debut album, Mandatory Enjoyment, out now

Photo: Dummy

Following the release of two cassette EP’s last year, LA band Dummy released yesterday their debut full-length album, Mandatory Enjoyment, through Trouble in Mind Records. The group’s drone-pop style weaves together influences as wide-reaching as 60s melodicism, 90s UK noise pop, spiritual jazz, Japanese new age, and Italian minimalism, to create a blissed-out, beautiful and addictive web of sound.

The album’s mesmerizing closing track, ‘Atonal Poem’, was the last single to emerge and Alex from Dummy had this to say about it:

“”Atonal Poem” is the sound of a rock band obsessed with new age music. We were listening to a lot of very peaceful music played on malleted instruments. It’s kind of like, wouldn’t it be funny to try to write a song like this? Why not break the rules? Why not challenge the expectations, especially within yourself? We wanted to create something uninhibited and untethered to convention. We had no idea where it would take us, but this track was the result. In the mythology of the record, this song represents the visitor’s journey home, far away from the atrophy and decay of life on Earth.”

‘Atonal Poem’ comes with an accompanying video. Watch it below.

Listen to Time Wharp’s new single ’10 Year Warranty’

Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist and producer Kaye Loggins aka Time Wharp took us by storm earlier this year with the release of Ingenue, a staggering and hypnotic double single that precedes a full-length album, Spiro World, arriving in early 2022. The surprises keep rolling and Time Wharp shared last week two new singles, ’10 Year Warranty’ b/w ‘R (Version)’ through Leaving Records. Listen to the infectious ’10 Year Warranty’ and head over to bandcamp to listen to ‘R (Version)’.

Bremer/McCoy unveil video for new single ‘Gratitude’

We’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of Natten, the new album from Bremer/McCoy, since they unleashed its title track. Now the Copenhagen based duo of pianist Morten McCoy and bassist Jonathan Bremer are enticing us further with a new bewitching single called ‘Gratitude’. Speaking about the track, McCoy explains:

“I wrote the main melody for the chorus of “Gratitude” one late evening after a session in the studio. I was just sitting and vibing, playing, reflecting on the day and then suddenly this melody just came to me out of nowhere, actually together with the baseline. And it came together with some simple words. I was singing in my head og jeg takker, which is basically “and I give thanks for that. That moment of time, that was just everything, the feeling of being in the universe, where there’s this loving energy, just very present, and the feeling of being humble and grateful for being able to sustain myself by doing what I love, and the feeling of being grateful to have such a nice family, friends around me. I was just very grateful and humbled by simply being in that moment of time.”

The track comes with an accompanying video directed by Paul Diddy and you can delight yourself with it below.

Natten is out on October 29th through Luaka Bop.

John Ghost team up with Binkbeats for new single ‘Black Chamber (Escape to the Sun)’

Following Airships Are Organisms, which was one of our Album Picks of 2019, John Ghost are back with new music. The extraordinary Ghent based instrumental sextet, led by guitarist and composer Jo De Geest, are set to release a new single titled ‘Black Chamber (Escape to the Sun)’ on November 5th through Sdban Ultra. The track sees John Ghost team up with Dutch producer, percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Frank Wienk aka Binkbeats, who has remixed tracks by Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus and Atoms For Peace. De Geest comments:

“In the studio, Binkbeats often works with audio design. He is particularly versatile with this and has very strong personal views on the sound design of a project. Our musical styles are a nice fit as well. As a group, we also wanted to stress the productional aspects and experiment with electronic components. This collaboration with Frank worked smoothly and gave us the opportunity to approach John Ghost’s music from different angles”

John Ghost have paired  ‘Black Chamber (Escape to the Sun)’ with a video filmed last March at an arts centre in Ghent. Watch it now.

Aquaserge’s new album out now; watch the video for new single ‘Nuit Altérée (To György Ligeti)’

The Possibility of a New Work for Aquaserge, the much anticipated new album from Aquaserge has finally landed yesterday. Coinciding with its release, the Toulouse supergroup have shared a video to accompany one of the album’s heavenly tracks, ‘Nuit altérée (À György Ligeti)’. The track marks their second tribute to Ligeti, following ‘Nuit Terrestre’. As Aquaserge describe, ‘Nuit Altérée’ “is a vertical, ‘spectral’ approach to Nuit Terrestre, as if we were making cuts or freeze-frames on this body of water and unfolding them”. Featuring footage from their rehearsals at Le Lieu Unique in Nantes, the video was filmed by French filmmaker Marie Losier and was edited by Benjamin Glibert. Watch it below.

The Possibility of a New Work for Aquaserge is out now though Crammed Discs, as part of their celebrated composers’ series Made To Measure.

Luo share closing track ‘Coda’ from incoming Convoluted Mess Machine EP

We’re excitingly close to the release of Convoluted Mess Machine, the new 4-track EP from Luo. Ahead of its release on October 15th through Art As Catharsis, the Brighton duo of Josh Trinnaman and Barney Sage have let loose the gorgeous closing track ‘Coda’. Speaking about it, they comment:

“It’s the nice pretty melodic one for those of you that aren’t as keen on our other noisy rubbish and wish for a return to that glorious era when we didn’t use distorted guitars
At the time we were listening to a lot of Steve Reich and the riff came out of trying to write something like one of his cool interlocking melodies (think Electric Counterpoint) and then blending that with a heavy dose of influence from Richard Spaven & Telefon Tel Aviv.”

Listen to ‘Coda’ below.