Listen to Lori Goldston’s new single ‘Aloft’ off forthcoming new album High and Low

(photo courtesy of Lori Goldston)

With her highly anticipated new album High and Low set for release on October 7th via SofaBurn, this week acclaimed and genre-bending cellist and composer Lori Goldston has shared a second single titled ‘Aloft’. It follows the first riveting single ‘The Waves and What’s Under’ and as the press release describes, the track “is Lori is at her earth-shattering strongest, literally channeling the volume-popping drones of her contemporaries Earth for a treatise unlike any other”. Take a listen now.

Sarathy Korwar returns with new album Kalak; shares lead single ‘Utopia Is A Colonial Project’

There’s a new album on the way from London based, American born and Indian bred percussionist, producer and composer Sarathy Korwar, following 2019’s powerful and politically charged More Arriving. Entitled Kalak, the album is described as “an Indo-futurist manifesto” as Korwar explains:

“The discourse around futurism is often deeply rooted in Eurocentric ideas of the world. Much like Afro-futurism, Indo-futurism is moving the focus to the global south. In South Asia, culturally, we envisage our relationship to the future and the past in ideas of cyclicality. For example, karma as a concept. Time doesn’t have to flow in a line but can be understood to flow in a circle.

In music, there’s an inherent hierarchy when you talk about left to right and top to bottom. I started thinking about a rhythmic notation system that was circular. These patterns started forming over time, and the more I thought about that, and the kind of symbolism that they began to have, I realised that this would be the core of the record.”

Recorded at Real World studios with New York electronic musician, DJ and producer Photay on production duties, Kalak is set for release on November 11th through The Leaf Label. Ahead of it, Korwar has shared the phenomenal and fiery lead single ‘Utopia Is A Colonial Project’. Speaking about the track, Korwar comments:

“Utopia can be seen as a diagram for colonisation,” Korwar says. “Ideas of utopia are intrinsically linked to the mindset of settler colonialism. It comes from seeing the natural world as an inanimate resource rather than a living, sentient being. We need to be anti-utopian, and anti-dystopian. We need to be able to imagine futures drastically different to the kind of ‘utopias’ that are being sold by right-wing populist politicians in South Asia and beyond.”

‘Utopia Is A Colonial Project’ is offered with a video directed, shot and edited by Elliott Gonzo and starring award-winning choreographer/dancer Botis Seva. Watch it below.

Szun Waves reveal third preview track, ‘In The Moon House’, from forthcoming record

Szun Waves‘ eagerly awaited new album Earth Patterns will see the light of day next Friday August 19th through The Leaf Label. This week the trio of Laurence Pike, Luke Abbott and Jack Willie shared ‘In The Moon House’, the third and final preview single from the record. It comes with an accompanying video created by Dom Harwood / Infinite Vibes and you can watch it below.

Compro Oro share third single, ‘Bitcoins’, from upcoming album Buy The Dip

Photo: Joris Jeursen

With their new album, Buy The Dip, set for release in less than a month, Ghent’s pyschedelic jazz collective Compro Oro have shared another exhilarating new song called ‘Bitcoins’. The track is the third single lifted from the bands’s forthcoming fifth album, following ‘Ben Hur’ and ‘The Lower 9th’. Listen to it below and grab the album when it drops on September 2nd through Sdban Ultra.

Watch Danny Mulhern’s video for new single ‘We Are Not Machines’

In anticipation of his forthcoming album Singing Through Others, accomplished and seasoned composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Danny Mulhern has shared a second single entitled ‘We Are Not Machines’. It follows ‘A Different Kind Of Blue’ and gives us a new taster of the cinematic and transfixing voyage to come from Mulhern’s fifth record, out on September 16th through Enate Music/Kontor Media. ‘We Are Not Machines’ comes with an accompanying video, filmed and edited by Mulhern. Here it is.

Makaya McCraven’s new album, In These Times, out in September

Photo: David Marques

In the works for a long time, In These Times, the eighth album from celebrated and prolific percussionist, composer and producer Makaya McCraven will see the light of day in September. Envisioned by McCraven since after the release of his 2015 debut record In The Moment, In These Times is a dream of an album come true. Featuring a 11 song suite, the album is described as “a highly personal but broadly communicable fusion of odd-meter original compositions from his working songbook with orchestral, large ensemble arrangements and the edit-heavy “organic beat music””.

McCraven assembled an incredible cast of musicians and creative partners to bring this album to life, including Jeff Parker, Junius Paul, Brandee Younger, Joel Ross, and Marquis Hill.

Following ‘Seventh String’, the Chicago based beat scientist released a second spellbinding single called ‘Dream Another’. The track is offered with an accompanying music visualizer directed and animated by Nik Arthur. Watch it below and listen to the previous single straight after.

In These Times is out on September 23rd through International Anthem / Nonesuch / XL Recordings