Listen to Troyka’s new single ‘Life Was Transient’


As we had already mentioned, British experimental jazz trio Troyka are releasing Ornithophobia, their third studio album, next month. They’ve previously enticed us with an album teaser and now they’re offering a full track off the new album called ‘Life Was Transient’. Listen to it below and watch our for the album release on January 26th via Naim Jazz.

In other related good news, Troyka have announced a string of UK dates in February and March. Check all the info in their website or here,

Errors set to release fourth album next Spring

Errors - Lease Of Life

Errors are ready to release the follow-up to 2012′s Have Some Faith In Magic. The new album, entitled Lease of Life, was composed on the remote Hebridean Isle Of Jura in Scotland. That’s where George Orwell wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four. That’s also where The KLF have reportedly burned a million pounds back in 94.
According to the album’s blurb, Errors’ new album “is also the band’s most cohesive album statement to date: a start-to-finish experience that’s bound by recurring constituents and accomplished craft.”
Bek Oliva of Edinburgh’s outfit Magic Eye, who had guested on vocals in the trio’s previous album, has once again been recruited for vocal duties, along with vocalist Cecilia Stamp.

Lease Of Life will see the light of day on March 23rd via Rock Action Records. We’re hoping that day comes quick, considering the amazing title track being offered as a first taste.
Coinciding with the album release, Errors will embark on a UK tour in March and April, with a show at Oslo in London on April 2nd 2015. Check all the other dates and other info here. Now enjoy ‘Lease Of Life’.

Eric Chenaux shares title track off forthcoming album Skullsplitter

Eric Chenaux - Skullsplitter

News of album releases due out in 2015 through Constellation keep on hitting us and we love it. The ever wonderful experimental guitar virtuoso and songwriter Eric Chenaux is the latest artist confirmed to be putting out a new record in the new year, entitled Skullsplitter. The follow-up to his majestic 2012’s Guitar & Voice, “confirms Chenaux’s singular aesthetic: genuine, natural, unaffected vocals gliding through slow, smoky melodies while electric and nylon-string guitars are deployed with adventurously experimental, dextrous, semi-improvisational technique and texture”, as the label puts it. Skullsplitter “unfolds like a weirdly bubbling but warmly welcoming bath.”

As with previous efforts, Chenaux shared once again production duties with his longtime recording engineer Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Jerusalem In My Heart). Skullsplitter saw them employing techniques such as “physically swinging speakers and radical gating and panning to tease out further fluctuations in the barometer of the guitar sound.”

The title track is the first single to be unveiled and it serves as evidence that we are in for a treat in 2015. Listen to ‘Skullsplitter’ now and grab the album when it drops on February 17th.

Stone Jack Jones announces new album Love & Torture

Stone Jack Jones - Love and Torture

Nashville based musician Stone Jack Jones is gearing up to release Love & Torture, his fourth full-length album, next year. It follows Ancestor, released earlier this year and it emerges amidst Jack’s recent health problems. Jack’s fate has turned out to be one of challenge and realization, with him pulling through a rare blood condition twice. “During this time”, as the press release explains, “he deeply pondered the necessity of death, the torturous pain that comes with the death of someone you love, and eventually arrived at the simultaneously comforting and alarming conclusion that he was both alive and dead at the same time.” It adds that “rather than encouraging his listeners to escape reality, Jack urges us to embrace the child-like wonder that’s so often obscured by our monotonous routines, allowing us to reconnect with the infinite wonder that lies just under the surface of our everyday reality.”

The upcoming Love & Torture, due out on March 17th via Western Vinyl, sees Jack teaming up again with producer Roger Moutenot, and members of Lambchop and Patty Griffin who guest on vocals.

‘Circumstance’, a brooding and entrancing track, is the first taste to emerge from the album. Listen to it now.

Dosh & Ghostband release debut EP Def Kith

Dosh & Ghostband Def Kith

Every year we make a list of our fifteen favourite albums, but if we were making a list of our favourite EP’s,  Def Kith, released earlier this week by Dosh & Ghostband, would surely be in. We already have a bias for Dosh’s musical output, and his very own Money Milk landed a place in our Album Picks of 2013. Dosh & Ghostband sees Martin Dosh teaming up with fellow Minneapolis producer/musician Jon “Ghostband” Davis.
Released through Anticon, the Def Kith EP is said to “debut their techno-addled, IDM-damaged brand of bass-blessed dance music”. The effort features three cuts, and the digital edition comes with ‘Twin Speak’, an epic 13-minute killer bonus track. We hear Dosh & Ghostband are working on a full-length album due out next year and we’ll keep our ears peeled. Now enjoy ‘Twin Speak’.