Anenon shares title track off upcoming album Tongue

Following the stunning first single ‘Verso‘, Anenon has unveiled another magical taste from his upcoming album Tongue with the title track streaming now. The single is described as “a startling slice of optimistic, focused exploration that gives glimmers of hope that will come with the flip of the calendar into 2018″. Listen to ‘Tongue’ below and grab the album when it drops on February 8th through Friends of Friends.

Efrim Manuel Menuck’s second album Pissing Stars arrives in February

Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Thee Silver Mt. Zion co-founder Efrim Manuel Menuck has a second solo album on the way, following his 2011 debut Plays “High Gospel”. Entitled Pissing Stars, the record arrives on February 2nd and it marks the first release of the year from Constellation Records. Inspired by the romance of an American television presenter and the son of a Saudi arms dealer, back when Menuck was a teenager, Pissing Stars finds him “at his most vulnerable and his most adventurous”, as the label describes. Menuck comments on this:

“PISSING STARS is inspired by the brief romance of american television presenter MARY HART and MOHAMMED KHASHOGGI, the son of a saudi arms dealer. i don’t know how long their union endured, but i remember reading about them when i was a desperate teenager – there was something about their pairing that got caught in my head. i was living in a flooded basement with two other lost kids and a litter of feral kittens. we were all unfed. this strange intersection – the televisual blonde and the rich saudi kid with the murderous father; it got stuck in me like a mystery, like an illumination- this vulgar pairing that was also love. these privileged scions of death and self-alienation, but also love. i’ve carried it in me for 3 decades now, this obscure memory, and i return to it often, tracing its edges like a worn talisman. this record is about the dissolution of their relationship, and the way that certain stubborn lights endure. this record was made in dark corners between 2016 and 2017. a very rough pair of years, shot thru with fatigue, depression, despair, and too many cigarettes and too much booze. but also = the giddiness of enervation, and the strange liberation of being emptied – borne aloft and carried by the drift. the world continues its eternal collapsing, fires everywhere and everything drained of meaning. this record was made in various states of unease, with a brittle heart and a clear intent. like running towards a cliff with 2 swinging knives, roaring with an idiot grin. overcome and overjoyed. this record is about the end of love and the beginning of love. this record is about the dissolution of the state, and all of us trapped beneath, and the way that certain stubborn lights endure.”

Ahead of the album’s release, envelop yourself in the first single ‘LxOxVx / Shelter In Place’.

Richard Youngs announces new album Belief and unveils first single ‘Nebulosity’

There’s a very good reason to look forward to 2018, Glasgow-based multi-instrumentalist and improviser Richard Youngs will release a new album entitled Belief. Youngs’ music catalogue is extensive, with hundreds of solo and collaborative releases under his belt, including this year’s Paradise / In Love An Arc, the 12″ release from his collaborative disco project AMOR also featuring Turner nominated artist Luke Fowler, Paul Thomson (Franz Ferdinand) and Michael Francis Duch (LEMUR).

Set for release on March 2nd via Tim Burgess’ O Genesis Recordings, Youngs initially planned to send the record to ‘major’ labels and collect the rejection letters as an art project. But Burgess wanted to release it as soon as he heard it. He explains:

“Richard’s album came to me via his friend Daniel O’Sullivan. He gave me some of Richard’s songs and they completely bowled me over. I immediately asked if O Genesis could release it and he put me in touch with Richard. Belief is sublime gnostic pop and is the soundtrack to why I wanted to be able to release albums on our label.
O Genesis had recently released Daniel’s record (VELD) and it’s always difficult to know what an artist thinks of our label – they might just be being polite when they say good things. If someone recommends a friend or a band that is dear to them, then that is a perfect sign for me.”

‘Nebulosity’ is the first staggering single lifted from the upcoming Belief. “Nebulosity is about finding my way”, Youngs explained. “Although the lyric declares “no time for faith”, it is a song of self-belief.”

In other good news, and after being utterly dazzled by Youngs’ live show at Le Guess Who? last month, he is performing at London’s Servants Jazz Quarters on December 18th as part of a two-day Yuletide event also featuring Daniel O’Sullivan & Dream Lion Ensemble, Grumbling Fur, Alexander Tucker, Nik Void and Tim Burgess.

BEAK> soundtracks the season with new single ‘(Merry Xmas) Face The Future’

With the festive month in full swing, Bristol’s BEAK> have shared the most fitting song for the season, ‘(Merry Xmas) Face The Future’. The track is available on the trio’s bandcamp for a mere quid and what’s more, all the proceeds will be donated to the National Elf Service and The Mental Elf, an online resource for Mental Health information. ‘(Merry Xmas) Face The Future’ also comes with a brilliant and grim video. Take a look below.

Watch the live video for new single ‘March Away’ from Tom Rogerson with Brian Eno’s upcoming album

We’re only a week away from the release of Finding Shore, the debut album from Tom Rogerson in collaboration with Brian Eno. Following the beautiful and delicate ‘Motion in Field’, and the sublime album opener ‘Idea of Order at Kyson Point’, the composer and pianist has unveiled a brand new song, ‘March Away’, in a glorious live version shot at Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte.

In celebration of the album release, Tom Rogerson is peforming at London’s St Pancras Old Church on Monday December 4th.