Tanya Tagaq announces new EP Toothsayer

There’s no artist out there quite like Tanya Tagaq. Listening to her music, all the more in a live context, creates each and every time a truly unique, absorbing and intense experience. Always innovating and pushing boundaries with every release she puts out, the immensely talented Inuit throat singer has announced a new 5-track EP, following 2016´s album Retribution, which was one of our 15 Picks of the year and remains an active favourite. Entitled Toothsayer, the music on the EP was originally commissioned by London´s National Maritime Museum to accompany an exhibition called Polar Winds, and features percussionist Jean Martin and electronic producer Ash Koosha. “I named this Toothsayer because I always liked the term soothsayer, to look into the future and to speak wisely,” explained Tagaq. “Teeth represent protection and hunting in nature. We are going to have to get our fists up and our teeth out to carve our way to survival in this world.” The album title is also linked to Tagaq’s first book, Split Tooth, a novel about a girl growing up in Nunavut in the 70s, blending memoir with fiction.

Ahead of the EP´s release on March 1st through Six Shooter Records, Tagaq has shared the otherworldly and compelling first single ‘Snowblind’. As the the title suggests, it “expresses the sensory experience of snowblindness, a condition that can produce colourful pulsating shapes amidst darkness,” describes the press release. “The contrast of brightness and darkness, a recurring theme in Tagaq’s work, is at once environmental, physical and emotional and political.” Listen to ‘Snowblind’ now.

Snapped Ankles drop video for latest single ‘Rechargeable’

Snapped Ankles had already shared their second blistering single ‘Rechargeable’, off their upcoming second album Stunning Luxury. Ahead of its release on March 1st through The Leaf Label, the London based band have shared an accompanying video. Described as “a call to harness the kinetic energy of dance to push against the rigid continuity of the daily routine”, the video keeps with the track’s theme. Take a look.

Bibio releases new track ‘Curls’

Since his 2005 debut album, fi, Stephen Wilkinson aka Bibio has constantly evolved and thrived with each and every album he has thrown at us.
Following 2017’s Phantom Brickworks, Bibio has a new album on the way and as always, he continues to surprise and entice us. And also exploring new grounds, judging by the folksy flavours of fiddle showing through ‘Curls’, the gorgeous new track that is now streaming. Take a listen below and read a statement about it from Bibio himself straight after.

“Like with many of my songs and instrumental pieces, this song started out with a guitar riff. It then took on a melodic theme played on mandolin and violin, both being instruments I started playing in 2018.

Lyrically, the song is inspired by a collection of separate memories, observations and fantasies, seemingly unrelated but tied together by a theme of admiration of those small things in life. When I look back on recent years, some of the things that seem to be significant to me are these small observations and experiences, like the smell of rain on wool or fresh air captured in a person’s hair after coming inside from a walk outside.

These moments can be joyous and profound at times, a reminder of what life can be about, both meaningful and beyond meaning, which is a reminder for me that wordless songs often seem to say more than ones with lyrics.

These types of everyday moments can feel more significant or memorable than qualifications and ambitious achievements, they extend into the ancient and beyond one’s own inner world; the same consciousness was probably experiencing the same many millennia before us.

There are many good things in life that you can have too much of, except for fresh air, so perhaps that’s why it feels so welcome when it clings to us, and therefore, like these other little daily observations that resonate with me so much, it’s worthy of a mention in a song.”

Matmos unveil upcoming album’s title track ‘Plastic Anniversary’

We’re less than a month away from the much anticipated release of Matmos‘ new album Plastic Anniversary. The duo of M.C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel had already teased it with the brilliant and bouncy ‘Silicone Gel Implant’, and now they unveiled the title track. Listen to it out below and watch the album trailer straight after.

Plastic Anniversary is out on March 15th through Thrill Jockey.

Watch Kelly Moran’s live video for ‘Halogen’

Photo: Katherine Hayden

Composer and pianist Kelly Moran has shared a spellbinding live video for ‘Halogen’, lifted from last year’s album Ultraviolet. Filmed at Brooklyn-based experimental venue Future Space, it was directed by Jake Moore and features projection mapped visuals designed by Dave & Gabe. Watch it below.

Ultraviolet is out now via Warp.

Daniel O’Sullivan shares first single ‘Silhouette’ from upcoming new album Folly

London based multi-instrumentalist Daniel O’Sullivan has announced the release of his second album under his own name, following 2017’s VELD. Entitled Folly, the new record was mostly written in London and arrives on April 5th through O Genesis Recordings. Composed around the time of his son’s birth and the passing of his friend Ian Johnstone, Folly embodies feelings of both joy and suffering. “Joy is inseparable from suffering and sometimes those polarities arrive at the same moment”, explained O’Sullivan. “Music offers a vessel to contain the unspeakable.”
Speaking about the writing process behind the record, O’Sullivan has this to say:

“Writing songs alone can take some time even if a song arrives fully formed in your mind. The execution of it involves long durations with each individual part of the arrangement until it reaches something concise. The song tells you what it needs and I try not to force ideas onto it. These songs are outside in rather than inside out, there was always a latency between the birth of the song and my understanding of its purpose. Folly is looking at who is doing the shaping, most of these songs are about writing songs.”

Ahead of the album’s release, we can already hear the first marvellous single ‘Silhouette’.

In other related news, and coinciding with the release of Folly, Daniel O’Sullivan has a special two-night residency in store for us at Sutton House in Hackney on April 5th and 6th, where he will perform songs from Folly with his ensemble and both nights will features stellar guests appearances from the likes of Richard Youngs, The Silver Field, Peter Broderick and Thighpaulsandra among others.