Sandro Perri returns with new solo album In Another Life

The always wonderful and inventive Sandro Perri seems to always keep himself busy with a dizzying array of stellar projects. His most recent, under the moniker Off World, is a 3-volume collection featuring collaborative gems with other producers and musicians, with volume 1 and 2 now released and both making it to our Album Picks of 2016 and 2017.

The widely acclaimed Impossible Spaces was the last release under his own name, but rejoice, for Perri is returning to our lives with a new solo album called In Another Life. Described by himself as “an experiment in ‘infinite’ songwriting”, In Another Life opens with the magical and magnificent 24-minute title-track and also features a three-part song cycle with Dan Bejar (Destroyer) and André Ethier (Deadly Snakes) providing lead vocals.

The album arrives on September 14th through Constellation and we can already get under its spell with an excerpt of ‘In Another Life’. Sublimely beautiful and gentle, the song is a “pop mantra for sequenced synth, piano, guitar and voice, progressing sideways rather than forward”, explains the press release. “A relaxed three-chord vamp runs the length of the album’s Side One, peppered with Sandro’s languid, lilting vocal and adorned with continually developing musical details – massaging the listener with the joys of repetition while defying stasis and monotony.” Wrap your ears and heart around ‘In Another Life’ now.

Liars premiere video for new single from 1/1 soundtrack

Liars‘ first original soundtrack, 1/1, is out now digitally and arrives next week in physical formats through Mute. The soundtrack saw singer and guitarist Angus Andrew and Aaron Hemphill work together for a last time, after the release of 2014’s Mess and before Aaron left the band. Liars had previously teased the release with ‘Liquorice’ and ‘No Now Not Your Face’. Now, to get us even more excited, they have shared a video for the ethereal new single ‘Helsingor Lane’, using footage from the film. Jeremy Phillips and Matt Detisch direct.

LWW unveils new single ‘DTE’ off upcoming album 3PE

We couldn’t be more excited about 3PE, the forthcoming album from incredibly multi-talented and inventive artist and composer Luke Wyland under his new moniker LWW. Arriving in less than a week, 3PE is an album of improvisations and marks Wyland’s first album in six years. Preceding the record release on July 20th through The Leaf Label, and after enticing us with the first staggering single ‘CTP‘, LWW has unleashed another tremendous single, ‘DTE’. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“‘DTE’ is one of the first improvisations I recorded when I began experimenting with crafting my own tuning systems years ago. It’s a one take improvisation played live using 3 different sounds supplemented by a loop pedal. There’s something so refreshing about inhabiting an entirely new tuning system after a lifetime of living within the world of equal temperament – as if visiting an exotic ecosystem for the first time. A mysterious logic emerges that frees me from habits and patterns long conditioned into my playing that conjures entirely new emotional responses.”

Now wrap your ears around the stellar and outlandish synth sounds of ‘DTE’.

Manu Delago’s new album + film, Parasol Peak, arrives in September

Austrian percussionist and composer Manu Delago, known as a pioneer of the hang, has garnered wide acclaim in recent years collaborating with the likes of Bjork, Anoushka Shankar, Poppy Ackroyd, the London Symphony Orchestra, Olafur Arnalds, amongst many more. His latest sonic venture saw him embark on a mountaineering expedition in the Alps with an ensemble of seven musicians and the result is a film and accompanying album entitled Parasol Peak. During their journey, Delago and his ensemble performed and recorded new compositions in different locations and altitudes using only acoustic instruments, including the percussive sounds of their climbing gear. Delago explains:

“Of course performing on acoustic instruments has been done for thousands of years, so I wanted to add an extra component – nature, or more precisely the Alps. I wanted to utilise our surroundings by incorporating lots of percussion sounds like trees, water, little rocks as well as the gear that we were carrying, such as helmets, carabiners or ice axes.

In general, I find limitations inspiring and in the case of Parasol Peak I was limited to a fixed ensemble of 7 musicians. The different locations also brought various limitations, which affected how I composed the music. At some locations we were vertically aligned and couldn’t see each other. At others we couldn’t hear each other, or we were trying to survive while playing.”

Speaking about the rough weather and conditions endured by the crew, Delago said “there were several moments of physical struggle and anxiety in the group but that makes playing music together even more emotional”. He added: “There were definitely moments when individuals in the group would have turned around and left the expedition but because we could only do it as a group, we had to strongly support each other. We had to help each other carrying instruments and gear, as well as help each other in overcoming anxieties and exhaustion.”

Parasol Peak will see the light of day on September 7th through One Little Indian and ahead of it, Delago is enticing us with the magnificent title track. Wrap your ears around it below and straight after watch the gorgeous and breathtaking film trailer.

In other related good news, and following on from previous collaborations with Anoushka Shankar, the two, along with 27-member string section Metropole Orkest Strings, have a special performance in store for lucky attendees at Le Guess Who? Festival this November.