Rival Consoles’ new album Overflow out now; watch the video for lead single ‘Monster’

Yesterday saw the release of Rival Consoles‘ new album Overflow. It follows 2018’s Articulation and was originally composed as a soundscape for a dance production of the same name by choreographer Alexander Whitley. Overflow ties into themes of the human and emotional impact of our current digital life, “echoing the concept of social media, advertising, marketing companies and political factions exploiting our data to gain wealth, political advantage and sow division.”

Earlier in the week, Rival Consoles shared a video to accompany lead single ‘Monster’. Speaking about the track, Ryan Lee West, the man behind Rival Consoles, explained it “has a kind of drunken madness to it, highly repetitive to mirror the repetitive nature of how we as humans engage with technology such as social media. It’s sometimes edging towards chaos but yet always returning back to the same starting point, but eventually giving way to exhaustion. I wanted to create a bold opening piece for Overflow.”

Dan Medhurst directed the video and you can watch it below.

Overflow is out now through Erased Tapes.

Binker and Moses release new track ‘Feed Infinite’

Photo: Dan Medhurst

Following the widely acclaimed Journey to the Mountain of Forever, adventurous saxophone and drums duo Binker and Moses are finally ready to satisfy our ears with new music. The duo have today unveiled with a new single called ‘Feed Infinite’, which was recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios and features honorary third member Max Luthert on tape loops and electronics. Speaking about it, Binker Golding commented:

“In order to expand the sound of the saxophone and drums, we decided to ask Max Luthert to assist us on modular. Most of what you hear coming from the modular is actually a re-ordering of acoustic sax and drums.”

Moses Boyd also had this to say about it:

“When the opportunity came up to record it was quite last minute. We had no material planned but just a concept. Really, we took a huge leap of faith and went in the studio empty-handed. The only concept I had was this idea of feeding our Improvisation through these different machines / configurations in the studio.”

‘Feed Infinite’ is out today through Gearbox Records and you can listen to it below.

Sam Gendel set to release film and audio album, AE-30, next week

Sam Gendel has been on a roll, treating us to countless stunning compositions. This year alone he unleashed a 52-track solo album, Fresh Bread, collaborated with Moses Sumney on ‘Can’t Believe It’, remixed Celia Hollander’s ’12:55 PM’, had a two-track digital single out on Nonesuch records featuring his interpretations of Duke Ellington’s ‘Isfahan’ and Cal Massey’s ‘My Little Suede Shoes’ and released two collaborative albums, one with Sam Wilkes, Music For Saxofone & Bass Guitar More Songs, and another with Ethan Braun, Rio Nilo 66. But the year is not over and he has another treat in store for us called AE-30. The effort is a film and audio album of his Sam Gendel x Roland AE-30 Aerophone Pro Digital Wind Instrument documentary, and was filmed by Marcella Cytrynowicz in remote locations in Iceland last August. The film and audio album will be released on December 8th through Leaving Records and ahead of it, Gendel has let loose the opening track, ‘BLKSND’. Listen to it below and straight after check out the AE-30 trailer.

Black Flower preview upcoming album with title track ‘Magma’

After sharing ‘O Fogo’, Black Flower are giving us another excellent reason to be excited for their upcoming album, Magma, with its title track unveiled as the second single. They comment:

“We present this latest single as a metaphor for what is to come – moments in time when music comes to the surface taking a concrete form, shared and used to amplify the beauty of life. Being the title track of the upcoming album it reflects a boiling, churning, silent energy. It is the core, the source. It is a state between solid and liquid and represents ancient energy and new potential. The track. An arching melody from the cornet gives way to an eruptive solo on baritone sax.”

Listen to ‘Magma’ below and grab the album when it’s out on January 28th through Sdban Ultra.

Keeley Forsyth set to release second full-length album, Limbs, in February

Debris, the phenomenal debut album English actress and musician Keeley Forsyth, was one of our Album Picks of 2020 and we’re thrilled to know a follow-up is on the way. Entitled Limbs, the forthcoming album will see the light of day on February 25th through The Leaf Label. Along with news, Forsyth has also revealed the first otherworldly and arresting single, ‘Bring Me Water’. “The song picks up where ‘Start Again’, the final track on Debris, left off,” Forsyth explained. “It comes from a similar place, approached at a different angle, with the line ‘let me begin again’ central to that. It plots a journey from a place of darkness, but marks the point at which we choose to grow. Bring me water. Give me light. These are the basic things required to start that process.”

‘Bring Me Water’ comes with a monochrome video directed by Ross Downes and featuring dancer and choreographer Calvin Richardson of the Royal Ballet. Watch it below.

Elena Setién previews upcoming album with new single ‘In This Short Life’

Following the beautiful and delicate ‘Situation’ and the celestial ‘Unfamiliar Minds‘, Elena Setién is enticing us again with a new single called ‘In This Short Life’. The track is lifted from her much anticipated new album, Unfamiliar Minds, and is inspired and named after a poem by Emily Dickinson. ‘In This Short Life’ “embodies the duality of being both deeply rooted in the past and yet remarkably of the moment,” as the press release describes. “Stately melodies that gradually bloom over clouds of organ and hallucinatory embellishments from otherworldly instruments refracted into familiar shapes.” Take a listen now.

Unfamiliar Minds is out on January 28th through Thrill Jockey.