Oliver Coates reworks track from Adult Jazz’s debut album

Adult Jazz

British quartet Adult Jazz released their outstanding debut album Gist Is last month. The enveloping opening track ‘Hum’  has been reworked by experimental composer and cellist Oliver Coates, who has worked and continues to work with an array of creative outfits, including Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood, DOOM, Micachu and Massive Attack. Whilst Adult Jazz’s Harry Burgess dazzles us with his vocals on the original track, the Oliver Coates’ cover features the delicate voice of Scottish collaborator Chrysanthemum Bear. Let yourself immerse into the beauty of this cover.

Moodoïd self-directs video for ‘Les chemins de Traverse’

Moodoïd - Les chemins de traverseHot on the heels of the release of Le Monde MööMoodoïd‘ debut album, a video for ‘Les chemins de Traverse’ has been unveiled. Parisian multi-instrumentalist Pablo Padovani, the man behind Moodoïd, self-directed the effort this summer. Watch it below and catch Moodoïd playing live in London at the Sebright Arms on October 13th.

Le Monde Möö is out now via Enterprise / Sony Red.

Dad Rocks! drop video for new song ‘Peers’

Dad Rocks! - Peers

We’re getting close to the release of Year Of The Flesh, the second album from Dad Rocks!. Back in July, the orchestral folk-pop project led by Iceland born, Denmark based multi-instrumentalist Snævar Njáll Albertsson enticed us with the heartfelt ‘Body Mass Index’ and now a new wonderful track. ‘Peers’, is being offered in the form of a video. We mentioned Albertsson’s strong feelings about modern technology, in particular file-sharing and copyright issues. In an accompanying statement, Albertsson wrote the following about ‘Peers’ and its video:

“Peers is a song about the flow of creativity and about sharing creative artefacts with each other. It’s about inspiration and it’s an acknowledgement of my creative output as something always already rooted in the culture that surrounds us and as something that is inspired by the existing culture directly or indirectly. Therefore I believe that my music and lyrics to some degree already belongs to our culture. Some of the world’s artists are praised for their originality, but originality stems from a whole wave of inputs, idols and inspirations that one uses in creative practice.

In the video for Peers I decided to rip off good old Dylan to make this point. Bob Dylan, whom I admire for his music and creative genius, found his idol in the legend that is Woody Guthrie. He was inspired by Guthrie to a degree that he almost became Guthrie. One of his most famous songs, Blowin’ In The Wind, was heavily inspired by the old spiritual No More Auction Block and many of his songs were – true to folk tradition – based on known and unknown authors and players that came before Dylan. But this tradition is not something that is merely found in folk music, it is found in every creative community all together, and communities that are now global. On YouTube we see a huge amount of creative individuals copying, interpreting and creating things on their own. Just like Dylan did, but with other tools – a computer and an internet connection, not a guitar.

Being a participant (some say consumer) in digitalized global creative flow is bound to brake some of the systemic rules that now exist. Peers tries to accept that the song is already interwoven in cultural relations, and that the song isn’t necessarily that different from many other songs and therefore the song should also belong to our common culture and not just to me.”

Now watch the video for ‘Peers’. Andreas Sørensen directs.

Year Of The Flesh is out on 29th September and can now be pre-ordered on bandcamp.

The Grip announce debut album and play launch show this Thursday

The Grip - Celebrate

We’ve got some big news. Three of London’s most prodigious and respected jazz musicians – flautist and saxophonist Finn Peters, drummer Tom Skinner and tuba player Oren Marshall – come together as The Grip.
Influenced and named after the classic free jazz album from saxophonist Arthur Blythe, the trio are also “inspired by stories fictional and true”, as the press release describes. “Their telepathic compositions encompass music from hard blues to free bop and deep funk.”
The Grip have recently announced their debut album, Celebrate, slated for a October 27th release via Slowfoot Records. Recorded in just one day, Celebrate is immediately alluring and resonates the trio’s wondrous and spontaneous creativity.
What’s more, The Grip are celebrating the launch of their new album with a special intimate performance at the Vortex Jazz Club in London this Thursday. If you’re around, don’t miss this chance to witness the band in action.
‘Acorn’ and ‘Saladin’ are two of the album’s tracks now available to stream. Wrap your ears around them.

Celebrate will be released on a limited edition vinyl and digitally and can now be pre-ordered.

Buke and Gase share brand new song ‘Seam Esteem’

Buke and Gase - Seam Esteem

We love Buke and Gase. So we’re psyched to know that the Brooklyn based inventive duo of Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez have shared a brand new song called ‘Seam Esteem’. The track follows their #MondayMissions project, which saw the pair getting together for an 8-hour session every day for one week each month, where they improvised, recorded new music and continued their exploratory and learning process with new instruments and software. ‘Seam Esteem’ is one of the sketches Buke and Gase chose to rework into a full song. Give it a listen now.