Pat Keen announces third album Cells Remain

Photo: Jesse Johnson

Minneapolis based singer/songwriter Pat Keen has announced a forthcoming album titled Cells Remain, following 2017’s Albatross and 2015’s Leaving. He has also introduced the record by sharing ‘Cell Song’, the gentle and melodic opening track awash in a sea of serenity and light. Keen has shared a few words about it:

“I wrote Cell Song visiting my parents cabin/now home in northern WI. I was sitting on the dock on a summer night, contemplating yet again what my relationship is with my family. That same place is where I’ve written countless songs. I also recorded most of my previous record, Albatross, up there.

The lyrics embody my normal “subconscious sound-poetry turned into meaning later” formula. That being said, they ended up being about digging deeper to find the good in people even if you can’t always see it and not losing your own plot while doing so. Hence the “cells remain” part.”

We’ll have to wait until August 7th for Cells Remain to be out through Birdwatcher Records and if it is as engaging and captivating as the first single, we can’t wait for it. ‘Cell Song’ comes paired with a video directed, shot, and edited by Dustin Houston. Here it is.

Aārp’s debut album Propaganda out now, watch the video for ‘Axis Of Evil’

Last Friday saw the release of Propaganda, the debut album from French experimentalist Aārp. As its title suggests, Propaganda is a political record, with each single track being informed by the press propaganda machine. Coinciding with the release, Aārp has shared a new single and accompanying video for ‘Axis Of Evil’. He comments on the song:

“[It] is taken from “The Axis of Devil States like these and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil, arming to threaten the peace of the world”. That was the full line as it was told by G. Bush on January 29, 2002 and repeated over and over during his term of office, and was intended to get the American population to consent to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, in which they had no interest, but which were of capital interest to the neoconservative camp of Republicans seeking to weaken the Middle East”.

Just like the video for previous single, ‘There is no Alternative’, the video for ‘Axis Of Evil’ was also directed by Marco Dos Santos and features political stock footage. Dos Santos explains:

“To make war, for the good of the evil that heals by evil, for the evil that is good and for the good of those who have not be best pleased. After all, evil would only be a dark interpretation of good, as it is never bad enough to act alone. But from blow to blow, the first one to offer would always be wrong, and the last one no comfort. 3 minutes of the axis of evil in a mixed video, “enjoy your meal”.

Watch the video for ‘Axis Of Evil’ below.

Propaganda is out now through InFiné

Mouse On The Keys release new EP Arche

Mouse On The Keys turned our heads a long time ago with their blend of influences and genres, from classical, jazz and electronic to math-rock, hardcore and heavy metal. So new music from the Tokyo based trio is welcomed with excitement. Akira Kawasaki (drum, keyboards), Atsushi Kiyota (piano, keyboards) and Daisuke Niitome (piano, keyboards), who make up the trio, have just released a new EP yesterday. Entitled Arche, the four-track EP sees them place the piano at the core of their sound again. Unlike their 2018 album tres, and last year’s single, ‘Circle’, which featured vocals and guitar, on the new EP Mouse On The Keys embrace back the instrumental basics. For a taste of what to expect, here’s the magnificent opening track ‘Praxis’.

Arche is out now through Topshelf Records

Listen to Qasim Naqvi’s new single ‘Onna At Pulse’

Back in March, extraordinary percussionist and composer Qasim Naqvi announced the reelase of Beta, the follow-up to last year’s Teenages which was one of our 15 Album Picks of 2019. Beta is meant as a sister release to Teenages, and just like it, was brought to life using the analog modular synthesizer Naqvi built over the course of two years. Originally slated for a Record Store Day release through Erased Tapes, the new record will now be released on June 20th, coinciding with the first ever Love Record Stores Day, and digitally on July 3rd, which will be Bandcamp’s Artist Appreciation day.

we had already heard the striking ‘Matic’, and now Naqvi has shared another taste from Beta called ‘Onna At Pulse’, saying this about it:

“Onna at Pulse was the first piece of music I made with an extremely rudimentary modular synthesiser. I had just acquired two components and I wrote this simple exposition as an exercise to see what the machine would do. It was like teaching one eyeball to blink.”

Take a listen to ‘Onna at Pulse’ below.

Quest Ensemble unveil new single ‘The Boatman’

Photo: Zoe Maxwell

We are nearing the release of The Other Side, the upcoming second album from Quest Ensemble. Pianist Filipe Sousa, cellist Tara Franks and violinist Preetha Narayanan, the three masterful musicians who make up the London based trio, had previously shared the gorgeous and poignant ‘Moment’, serving as the first single from the album. Ahead of its release on June 19th, Quest Ensemble are charming us again with another stunning single,’The Boatman’. Here it is.

Inventions share title track, ‘Continuous Portrait’, ahead of album release

Photo: Matthew Cooper

Inventions are approaching the release of their third album Continuous Portrait later this month, and they had already enticed us with two singles, the gorgeous and gentle ‘Outlook For The Future’ and the delightful and jubilant ‘Calico’. Longtime friends Matthew Cooper of Eluvium and Mark T. Smith of Explosions In The Sky, who make up the duo, have now shared the album’s title track, ‘Continuous Portrait’. The track is “perhaps the most inward looking of the bunch”, as the press release describes, “with an ambient electronic interplay acting as an uplifting mind-frame that helps to pave the way for the rest of the interplay between the duo.” Take a listen below.

Continuous Portrait is out digitally on May 29th and on cd/vinyl on July 10th through Temporary Residence.