Xiu Xiu share video for title track ‘OH NO’

Photo: Julia Brokaw

Hot on the heels of their latest album release, OH NO, Xiu Xiu have shared a new video for the title track.  As with all the album tracks, ‘OH NO’, is yet another duet, this time bringing together singer and songwriter Jamie Stewart and Susanne Sachsse. Xiu Xiu directed the video for the song and Stewart had this to say about it:

“While recording bass parts for the song ‘Oh No’ (feat. the venerable Susanne Sachsse) with Greg Saunier and Jherek Bischoff they both kept making jokes about how the perfect video for it would be clips of people slipping on banana peels. Obviously this is a good idea. However, to my surprise there really are not that many. Numerous other fail videos come up instead. Do not drive your truck on a frozen lake, drink from a lake inhabited by crocodiles if you are a cheetah, do not do ANYTHING at all if you are under the age of 3.”

Watch the video for “OH NO” below.

OH NO is out now through Polyvinyl.

Xiu Xiu preview upcoming album with new video for second single ‘Rumpus Room’ ft. Liars

Photo: Julia Brokaw

Earlier this year Xiu Xiu announced the release of their twelfth album, OH NO, and shared the first taste from it, ‘A Bottle of Rum’, featuring Grouper’s Liz Harris. A duet album, OH NO is a collection of duets that sees singer and songwriter Jamie Stewart collaborate with an array of artists, also including Circuit des Yeux’s Haley Fohr, Chelsea Wolfe, Owen Pallet, Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier, Twin Shadow’s George Lewis Jr., Sharon Van Etten and many more. Another stellar guest contributor is Liars’ Angus Andrew, who features on the latest single to emerge, ‘Rumpus Room’. Xiu Xiu’s Angela Seo, who directed the video for lead single ‘A Bottle of Rum’, takes the director’s seat for this one too. She commented about it:

“Does everyone have a deep personal childhood association with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, or just me? One of the first things I shoplifted as a kid was a bag of FHC. I once bet my cousin I could finish an entire Party Size bag in one sitting; I won the bet but lost my sense of taste for a couple days. I was a latchkey kid and would ditch school and often go to the 7-eleven by our apartment, where some 20 year old kid who didn’t give a crap would be working and watch me play their single arcade game- Marvel vs. Capcom – in the corner as long as I bought a slurpee and FHC. Sometimes in my old teenage journals, I find flamin’ red dusted fingerprint smudges among melodramatic poems and fake runaway notes. All that intersected perfectly with the “Rumpus Room” song, and part II story of the video trilogy (1st being “A Bottle of Rum”).”

Watch the video below.

OH NO is out on March 26th through Polyvinyl.

Xiu Xiu announce album of duets OH NO, share lead single ‘A Bottle of Rum’ ft. Liz Harris


Avant-rock experimentalist outfit Xiu Xiu have a new album on the way entitled OH NO. Marking their 12th studio album, OH NO is a collection of duets and sees singer and songwriter Jamie Stewart collaborate with artists who have been influential for him, both personally and musically. The album features stellar guest contributions from an array of artists, including Circuit des Yeux’s Haley Fohr, Chelsea Wolfe, Owen Pallet, Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier, Liars’ Angus Andrew, Twin Shadow’s George Lewis Jr., Sharon Van Etten and many more. Speaking about these collaborations, Stewart explains:

“The guest stars of OH NO reflect the types of people, and many of the very same, who helped remind me that the ratio of beautiful humans to shitty humans is more like 60/40 rather than what I have always assumed was 1/99. Although there is an ‘I HATE PEOPLE’ pin on my guitar strap, I hate them less now.”

OH NO was produced by Xiu Xiu’s Angela Seo, Lawrence English, and Greg Saunier, and is set for release on March 26th via Polyvinyl. Ahead of it, they have shared the first taste of their forthcoming album, ‘A Bottle of Rum’, featuring Grouper’s Liz Harris. “I had asked Liz Harris, who is an old friend, if she would sing on this new record of duets,” Stewart said. “Initially I thought of her for another song but she specifically, although not knowing she had been the inspiration behind it in the first place, asked to be on this one. If the stars ever have aligned… well then.” ‘A Bottle of Rum’ comes with an accompanying video directed by band member Angela Seo. Watch it below.

Mixtape #76

You might have noticed our ever growing soft spot for the multi-instrumentalist Jherek Bischoff. A wonderfully talented and prolific musician, composer, arranger and producer, his numerous projects to date spans from prog rock to pop and classical music. Jherek's recently released album Cistern follows his debut, Composed, which swiftly made its way to our Album Picks of 2012. Rooted in ambient and modern classical music, Cistern is a profoundly beautiful and meditative orchestral album that will firmly tug at your heartstrings. So we're over the moon to unfold the mixtape he has lovingly assembled for CTD reflecting some of his extraordinary influences.


Xiu Xiu release NSFW video for ‘Stupid In The Dark’

Xiu Xiu - Stupid In The Dark

Xiu Xiu’s new album Angel Guts: Red Classroom has just come out, and to coincide with its release, they’ve dropped a video for the first single ‘Stupid In the Dark’. The Amir Shoucri-directed video is quite bloody and violent as it portrays a murder taking place. You can watch it here.

Angel Guts: Red Classroom is out now in Europe via Bella Union and in North America via Polyvinyl.