Holland Andrews closes EP series with fourth and final release, Answers

Vocalist, composer, producer, and performer Holland Andrews is back with their latest EP offering, Answers. Set for release on May 10th through Nils Frahm’s LEITER imprint, their upcoming EP marks the culmination of a series of EP releases that began in 2021, including Wordless, Forgettings, and Doubtless.

Not easy to classify, Andrew’s music incorporates elements from contemporary classical, ambient, electronic, and experimental music. “Where do I belong? That’s tricky for me”, they remark. “I have this voracious quality of just wanting to keep playing and keep exploring.” Their work sits comfortably at the intersection of various musical genres, similar to their past collaborators such as Son Lux, Nils Frahm, Darian Donovan Thomas, William Brittelle, and Christina Vantzou.

Answers, along with the preceding Wordless EP, marks a shift in Andrews’ artistic approach. Formerly creating under the name Like A Villain, Andrews has moved from a performance-based approach to a more integrated style of composition, blending live-recorded samples within music production. “Everything I’ve been releasing under my name has been more and more about exploration.”

In creating the upcoming Answers, Andrews meant to bring closure, but instead, they faced new questions, sources of inspiration, and creative possibilities. Andrews explains:

“There’s a lineage in the information that I’ve been gaining in the creation of these four EPs. The process of making Doubtless was so demanding, that one of my goals with Answers was to develop a place of rest. I was looking for a period to a sentence, but I think I ended with a question mark. Answers gave me bigger questions than I thought it would have, which is a very exciting place to be. It’s a closing and an opening at the same time, an opening for what’s coming next.”

As a captivating taste of what’s to come, Andrews has shared the title track along with an accompanying video made by themselves.

L’étrangleuse return with new album, Ambiance Argile

French outfit L’étrangleuse, who hail from Lyon, France, have a fourth album on the way. Originally a duo, founded by guitarist Maël Salètes and also featuring Mélanie Virot on vocals and harp, they’ve turned into a quartet with the addition of Anne Godefert on bass and Léo Dumont on drums. Their new album, Ambiance Argile, sees them reinventing themselves and embracing a more experimental and innovative approach to their music whilst also keeping their signature sound, blending the harp and West African lute with tracks sung in French. Influenced by the likes of nomadic Dutch DIY punks The Ex and the Tuareg desert rock style, L’Étrangleuse also borrow from various influences, from postpunk and electric desert blues to krautrock and folk.

Recorded live over two sessions in a studio in the foothills of the Vercors mountains, Ambiance Argile captures the raw energy and chemistry of the quartet, marking a triumphant return for L’Étrangleuse and a new beginning for their music. As with previous albums, Maël and Mélanie alternate as lead singers, with Maël also taking on the role of the group’s head lyricist.

Ahead of the album’s release on June 7th through La Curieuse, L’étrangleuse have let loose the opening track ‘Le Remède’. Take a listen below.

Amy Aileen Wood teases upcoming album with new single ‘Time For Everything’ ft Fiona Apple

Photo: Charlie Weinmann

We’ve been eagerly waiting for the release of The Heartening, the upcoming album from LA-based Grammy Award-winning drummer and producer Amy Aileen Wood since we heard the sublime, unfettered and pulsating first single, ‘Rolling Stops’. With a tremendous body of work as a composer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist, Wood has collaborated with an impressive roster of artists over the years. The Heartening, though, marks the first album under her own name, and was created under the guidance of Pete Min of Colorfield Records.

Ahead of the album’s release on April 29th, Wood has let loose a second stellar single, ‘Time For Everything’, featuring Fiona Apple. Of the track, Wood comments:

“‘Time for Everything,’ one of the final tracks Pete and I worked on for the album, was pure fun. It was liberating, and felt a bit like crossing the finish line. We kept it light and tried not to overthink. And when Fiona’s infectious laughter came into play, it felt like the universe was nodding along.”

Listen to it below.


Joy Guidry releases second single, ‘I Will Always Miss You’

Back in February, we heard and loved the soul-stirring and soul-soothing ‘Members Don’t Get Weary’, the first single from Joy Guidry‘s upcoming album AMEN. Now the gifted bassoonist and composer has shared another poignant and transcendent single called ‘I Will Always Miss You’. Described as “a heartbreaking ode to Joy’s family”, ‘I Will Always Miss You’ “explores the album’s themes of deep rest by layering pads of lush ambient synthesizers beneath some of Joy’s most inner-reaching and expressive bassoon playing to date.”
Listen to it below and watch out for the release of AMEN on May 10th through Whited Sepulchre Records.

Listen to Adult Jazz’s new single ‘Marquee’

Photo: Tash Cutts & Samuel Travis

We’re eagerly looking forward to the release of Adult Jazz’s So Sorry So Slow, their first album in nearly a decade. The London-based four-piece had already enticed us with a couple of tracks, ‘Suffer One’ and ‘Dusk Song’ and as release date draws closer, they are dazzling us again with new single ‘Marquee’. “I think this is essentially a wedding song – written after a spate of going to lots of weddings, feeling happy, lonely, and after 2014, ostensibly welcomed into that institution,” said the quartet’s Harry Burgess. “I was thinking about ceremonies that involve staking out ground, beating the bounds, and hoping for an idea of community broader than a series of sealed family units.”

The track comes with an accompanying video made by Peter Eason Daniels. Watch it below.

So Sorry So Slow is out on April 26th through Spare Thought

HHY & The Macumbas announce fourth album, Bom Sangue Mau, and share lead single ‘Lago de Puro Êxtase’

Photo: Rui Pina

Porto based ensemble HHY & The Macumbas have announced the release of a new album titled Bom Sangue Mau, which translates from Portuguese as “good bad blood”. Due out on May 31st, their forthcoming album will also mark the inaugural release on new label Horror Vector.

Multidisciplinary artist Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, who’s at the helm of the project, and his collaborators Brendan Hemsworth, Filipe Silva, Frankão, João Pais Filipe, André Rocha and Francisco Antão, recorded the album in an empty theatre, where they set up a full arsenal of sound-systems, lighting rigs, and smoke machines to capture the raw essence of their kinetic live performances. As the press release describes, “they immersed the stage in a deep red glow, using crumpled rhythms, eerie synthesisers, wild-eyed horn sounds and serious bass pressure to build a place of dread and ascension.”

The album news comes paired with the first transcendent single, ‘Lago de Puro Êxtase’ and you can listen to it below.