Bremer/McCoy set to release sixth album, Kosmos

Photo: Søren Lynggaard Andersen

Bremer/McCoy, the Copenhagen-based duo of pianist Morten McCoy and bassist Jonathan Bremer, have announced the release of their sixth album, KOSMOS, arriving on September 6th through Luaka Bop. Known for crafting serene, immersive and engrossing soundscapes, Bremer and McCoy have refined their signature sound over five previous albums that saw them morph from a reggae group into a jazz, dub, and neo-classical outfit.

The new album, fittingly titled KOSMOS, has an ethereal and airy quality that resonates with the duo’s intent to create a musical world of deep connectedness and freedom. With an overarching theme of meditation, prayer, gratitude and optimism running through the album, the compositions are a mix of new material and melodies that have been simmering throughout the 15 years of their musical partnership. The duo sought to capture the feeling of their live performances, enhanced by the custom-built soundsystem they use. As Bremer puts it, “We are very flow-oriented. You have to be careful not to try to force too much into the music and have a plan for what you want. Only when you remove all ego is there room for what needs to happen.”

In the upcoming KOSMOS, Bremer/McCoy offer a world where music becomes a wordless form of communication, an antidote to the noise of contemporary life. McCoy  comments:

“Humans have always played music. We’ve sat around campfires and sung. We’ve danced. When we play together or listen together, we communicate wordlessly. And right now, it’s important to remember to communicate, as many feel we are living in difficult times. I believe everyone feels a fundamental joy and peace when experiencing something beautiful being created.”

Alongside the album announcement, Bremer/McCoy have shared the lead single, ‘Alting Løser Sig’, which means ‘Everything Will Work Out’. “This is one of the tracks where everything just came to us intuitively”, McCoy says. “We thought that we were just doing a demo, but when we tried to recreate it for our ‘real’ recording we couldn’t get the same vibe again. The outro was completely improvised and gave the song a new openness and a feeling of light and hope.”

Listen to ‘Alting Løser Sig’ below.

Watch Kamasi Washington’s short film for ‘Get Lit’

Kamasi Washington‘s staggering sonic treat, Fearless Movement, came out last May and we can’t stop playing it. The virtuoso saxophonist, composer, and bandleader unveiled yesterday a short film to accompany one of the album tracks, ‘Get Lit’, directed by Jenn Nkiru. Shot in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Leimert Park, the short film stars acclaimed multidisciplinary artist and musician Saul Williams, longtime bandmember Patrice Quinn and Washington himself, with appearances from funk legend George Clinton, Inglewood rapper D Smoke, Willow Smith, Raphael Saadiq, and Robert Glasper, amongst others. Watch it below.

Fearless Movement is out now through Young.

Sonny Singh shares first single, ‘Pavan Guru’, from upcoming sophomore album Sage Warrior

Photo: Shruti Parekh

Musician, educator and activist Sonny Singh, also known as the trumpet player and singer of Brooklyn Bhangra outfit Red Baraat for a couple of decades now, is back with his second solo full-length, Sage Warrior. This follows 2022’s Chardi Kala, a record of uplifting Punjabi anthems and Sikh kirtan. The upcoming album explores the Sikh spirit of the sant sipahi, the sage warrior, and was created as a companion to the book with the same name by Singh’s longtime friend and visionary civil rights leader Valarie Kaur. Delving deeper into the world of Sikh music and wisdom, the upcoming album and book came to life together, with each track on the album accompanying a chapter in the book. Singh comments:

“As Valarie would send me first drafts of each chapter of the book, the music flowed out of me with so much ease. Her writing puts our community’s history and struggles into language that I needed to hear—that our generation needs to hear. I hope my music helps the ancient wisdom Valarie unearths in her book land in the hearts of listeners.”

Kaur had also this to say about it:

“Sonny’s music captures the spirit of the sage warrior–a full-throated embrace of Oneness, and courageous call to action. He is a profoundly gifted artist, activist, and thinker who embodies revolutionary love in being and breath. It was an electrifying experience to listen to his music as I wrote, and for my writing in turn to shape the music. The book and album were birthed together.”

Sage Warrior is out on September 6th and Singh is already enticing us with the first single, ‘Pavan Guru’, a joyous, inspiring and heartwarming offering.  Produced by Grammy-nominated bass player and musician Kaveh Rastegar, the track is an original rendition of a well-known and recited poem about the mystical Oneness found in nature, written by Guru Nanak, founder of the Sikh faith. “I have been reciting and singing the words in this shabad [devotional song] my whole life,” Singh explains. “It is humbling to bring my own musical voice and sensibility to these verses that are so special for millions of Sikhs around the world – and to be able to share them with new audiences outside our community.”

Listen to ‘Pavan Guru’ now.

KAU unleash new single, ‘Kaugummi’, from forthcoming double A-side 7-inch vinyl

We’re excited to know KAU have new music on the way, following their debut full-length album, The Cycle Repeats, which was one of our Album Picks of 2023. The electrifying Brussels trio of Andre Breidlid (drums), Matteo Genovese (bass) and Jan Janzen (keys) are set to release a limited double A-side 7-inch vinyl in September. Drawing from elements of jazztronica and acts like Yussef Dayes, corto.alto or Flying Lotus, KAU blend British jazz with the vibrant ‘Brussels sound’ to create something diverse and deeply grooving, capturing the visceral energy of their live shows.

Set to drop on September 13th through Sdban Ultra, the double single features ‘Kaugummi’ and ‘Mad Kau’. ‘Kaugummi’, which means chewing gum, marries a dub-influenced bassline with brisk drum rhythms, creating a track that’s both hypnotic and invigorating. ‘Kaugummi’ is also KAU’s most recent original track and you can listen to it below.

Ali Dada announce new album, SUM, and share lead single ‘tone print’

Photo: Hannah Gottschalk

Hailing from Switzerland, Orlando Ludens (guitar and ambient soundscapes), Rulla (beats and field recordings), and Max Licht (brass and trombone) make up Ali Dada. The three first met at Berlin’s Klunkerkranich cultural center in 2018 and reunited in Switzerland, quickly immersing themselves in a vortex of creativity. Sharing a passion for improvisation and experimentation, Ali Dada weaves surf rock, jazz, and ambient soundscapes into a tapestry of spoken word, wind instruments, and hip-hop beats.

Following a debut album in 2020 and various singles and EPs, Ali Dada are gearing to release a new album. Entitled SUM, the album saw the intergalactic trio embark on a Dadaist-inspired, late-night cosmic journey. As the press release describes, the upcoming record “is their invitation to ‘dadaversum’ – their eccentric universe of sound and emotion.”

We’ll have to wait until September 15th for the album to be out through DIY label YNFND but we can already hear the first taste from it in the shape of lead single ‘tone print’. The track combines sliding guitar, narration by Psychedelic Tim, early Super Mario sound effects, and irresistible grooves. Take a listen below.

Peenoise tease upcoming album, Straight Lines Strange People, with lead single ‘Unimaginable Falling’

Formed by brothers Gilles Vandecaveye-Pinoy and Cesar De Sutter-Pinoy, Peenoise was unknown to us until only a few weeks ago when we were lucky to catch their incredible and exhilarating show in Porto, accompanied by Elias Devoldere on drums. We were instantly bowled over by them. Both Gilles and Cesar have been crucial threads in Belgium’s shape-shifting contemporary jazz tapestry, performing and collaborating with various other projects and also in theatre productions.

Following 2022’s Rooms to Dark Boats in the Night and Views in the Light, Peenoise announced yesterday the release of their new album, Straight Lines Strange People. Described as “the soundtrack for a futuristic-baroque film, which does not yet exist”, the upcoming album was in the works for three years “in dark forests, green fields, and on snowy mountain tops”. Over this period, “they began to build their own musical landscape in which they allow humor, darkness and surrealism to coexist”, as the press release explains.

Accompanying the album announcement is the release of lead single ‘Unimaginable Falling’, recorded during a blizzard in the mountains. Leaning into a wonderful wonkiness, ‘Unimaginable Falling’ is an exuberant and transportive track bristling with a surreal and mysterious flair. Listen to it below ahead of the album’s release in August.

Following their recent tour in Portugal, Peenoise are hitting the road later this year to bring the Straight Lines Strange People live experience to some venues in Belgium, with stops in Brussels, Antwerp and Brugge as well as a live show at Meakusma Festival on August 30th.