Alabaster DePlume shares third single ‘Naked Like Water’ feat. Donna Thompson

Photo: Chris Almeida

Before embarking on 2-month tour across the US, Alabaster DePlume gave us last week another glimpse into his upcoming new LP Come With Fierce Grace. ‘Naked Like Water’ is the the third and final single lifted from the album and it features drummer and vocalist Donna Thompson, who takes the lead, as the press release describes, “coaxing the group out of a kosmische-meets-spaghetti-western lockstep and into a freer, open, and unknown space.” Speaking about the track, she commented:

“whilst we were making this music a lot of different stories and energies were swapped. I feel like this particular moment in the session was about choosing to develop our decisions both on and off the tape and it was like a summoning to say ‘Right, this is where we go next’, something that is not always an available statement when dealing in our day to day.”

Listen to ‘Naked Like Water’ below and grab Come With Fierce Grace when it drops on September 8th through International Anthem.

Alabaster DePlume teases upcoming album with second single ‘Greek Honey Slick’ featuring Tom Skinner

Photo: Chris Almeida

Following on from the tender and emotionally powerful ‘Did You Know‘, today Alabaster DePlume is bestowing us with another treat from his forthcoming album Come With Fierce Grace. Titled ‘Greek Honey Slick’, the new track features Tom Skinner and is infused with positive energy and beauty. Alabaster had this to say about it:

“Creating these things was itself a method of defeating thought, doubt, and ultimately fear, by being present in our hearts and bodies. Replacing the goal-oriented endgame demands of the mind, with an abundance of foolish playful life. I had dropped an enormous tub of organic Greek honey on my studio floor. This became an offering to the gods, to life, as we endeavoured to resist our cynical aspirations, by choosing in each moment the honest pleasure of interactive creation like big children, playing with the toys of the finest skills to which we’ve relentlessly devoted our lives. We have a responsibility to joy. If not that, then what else?”

Listen to ‘Greek Honey Slick’ below and grab the album when it’s out September 8th through International Anthem.

Alabaster DePlume announces new album Come With Fierce Grace

Photo: Chris Almeida

A year on from the release of the magnificent and critically acclaimed GOLD, Alabaster DePlume has announced the release of a new album titled Come With Fierce Grace. All of the songs on the upcoming album were recorded during the same sessions as GOLD, but Come With Fierce Grace is not a collection of leftover material or outtakes. As the press release describes, “it’s a continuation of the organic collaborative and improvisational process that he established… almost as if GOLD has grown a new limb or aged into a new phase.” After spending most of 2022 touring GOLD, Alabaster spent the beginning of this year revisiting the material from the album sessions and guiding it towards a new becoming.

Come With Fierce Grace is mostly an instrumental affair, with the exception of a few tracks that feature vocal contributions from Momoko Gill (aka MettaShiba), Falle Nioke, and Donna Thompson. Alabaster thrives on collaborations and the new album features contributions from a wealth of talented artists, including Sarathy Korwar, Tom Skinner, Rozi Plain, Tom Herbert, Matthew Bourne, Ruth Goller, Conrad Singh, Ursula Russell and many more.

We’ll have to wait until September 8th for the record to be out through International Anthem but Alabaster has already shared a tender and emotionally powerful first offering, ‘Did You Know’,  featuring Momoko Gill on vocals. Take a listen below.

Alabaster DePlume unveils brand new single ‘Salty Road Dogs Victory Anthem’

Photo: Julia Foster

New music from ingenious, thought-provoking and unpredictable spoken word artist, bandleader, composer, saxophonist and activist Alabaster DePlume is always a blessing. He has today shared ‘Salty Road Dogs Victory Anthem’, his first new single in a year, following the release of his magnificent album, GOLD, last year. Alabaster composed ‘Salty Road Dogs Victory Anthem’ live in a Vienna soundcheck alongside Rozi Plain on bass, drummer Momoko Gill and Conrad Singh on guitar, collaborators he calls “one of the most creative yet resilient groups I’ve put together”. Speaking about the track, he comments:

“Even this very second, passing your eyes over these words, is a victory. Breathing, you are victorious. Childishly standing with my flag and my anthem of “I’m alive” I’m victorious. See inside, how you have your own permission, to be. Celebrated or not by others, in one moment, always, or never. You know you are here and you know this is a victory. We can always be more ourselves, and we can always be less so. But there is no ceremony we must wait for, no test, no judgement, before we can sing our victory anthem.”

In addition to the digital release, the single will be available as a 7” flexi disc on May 19th though International Anthem, backed by a new digital-only track called “Child Playing In Forbidden Ruins,”.

Now lend your ears to the jubilant ‘Salty Road Dogs Victory Anthem’.

Alabaster DePlume unveils third double single ‘I’m Good at Not Crying’ b/w ‘Visitors XT8B – Oak’

Next week Alabaster DePlume will be gifting the world with his eagerly awaited album, GOLD. So far he has released two magnificent double singles, ‘Don’t Forget You’re Precious’ b/w ‘‘The Sound of My Feet on this Earth is a Song To Your Spirit’, and before that ‘Mrs Calamari’ b/w ‘Who Is A Fool’, both of which have left us itching with anticipation for the full album release. As we near release day, the aboundingly inventive composer, artist and activist is offering the third double single from his upcoming album, ‘I’m Good At Not Crying’, b/w ‘Visitors XT8B – Oak’. ‘I’m Good At Not Crying’ comes with a brilliant and witty video by TENTACLE, directed by Jordan Copeland. Here’s the statement that accompanies the video:

“The sun never set on the British Empire…

Alabaster draws attention to an outdated tendency to inhibit emotional expression & healthy communication using the the best example he can find – himself. Dressed in drag as a fading representative of empire, he boasts to the viewer of his ability to not cry, while beside him a choir of men sing in women’s voices. His lion is long dead and stuffed, staring with glassy eyes, and behind him, repeatedly, (and contrary to the age-old saying), the sun is indeed setting, on the British Empire.”

Check out both songs below and find out how it is impossible not get engrossed in DePlume’s life-affirming new album.

GOLD is out on April 1st through International Anthem, Lost Map and Total Refreshment Centre.

Alabaster DePlume teases upcoming album with new double single ‘Mrs Calamari’ b/w ‘Who Is A Fool’

Photo: Chris Almeida

February started on a high note with the release announcement of GOLD, the new double album from ingenious, thought-provoking and unpredictable spoken word artist, bandleader, composer, saxophonist and activist Alabaster DePlume. After giving a first glimpse of the album with a magnificent two-song single, ‘Don’t Forget You’re Precious’ and ‘The Sound of My Feet on this Earth is a Song To Your Spirit’, DePlume is enticing us again with another set of double singles, ‘Mrs Calamari’ and ‘Who Is A Fool’. ‘Mrs Calamari’ is offered with an accompanying video shot on 8mm film, which marks the directorial debut of Dan “Danalogue” Leavers (The Comet Is Coming / Soccer 96)). Speaking about the video, Danalogue says:

“The film explores the archetypal hero’s journey, the symbolism of circles (transformation/death/life cycles). Mrs Calamari is represented as a squid goddess, a teaching of the ‘other’. It is essentially a story about growth and being guided by love. I felt strongly about the magical, organic sound of the music, recorded live and to analogue tape. This gave me inspiration to film on Super8, an antiquated format that holds within a mystery and timelessness.”

Watch the video below and watch out for the release of GOLD on April 1st through International Anthem, Lost Map and Total Refreshment Centre.

In other related good news, Alabaster DePlume is embarking on his first ever US tour next month, with live dates in Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Knoxville, Tennessee, where he will be artist in residence at Big Ears Festival. DePlume will perform with a different ensemble in each city, having invited local artists from the International Anthem family to curate his ensemble.