Liars close video trilogy with new single ‘From What the Never Was’

With just over a week to go until the release of The Apple Drop, Liars have shared a new single called ‘From What the Never Was’ and an accompanying video featuring album collaborators Laurence Pike and Cameron Deyell. It closes their trilogy of videos with direction by Clemens Habicht, following ‘Sekwar’ and ‘Big Appetite’. Angus Andrew comments:

“‘From What the Never Was’ is intended as a moment of recollection within the journey of The Apple Drop; a point that our traveller has reached which is far from the starting place, but also right back there in memory. The drum sound was appropriated from an old song called ‘We Fenced Other Gardens with the Bones of Our Own’. In that track, the protagonist is drunk on delusions of grandeur, relishing the power of destruction. Now far removed, that character is weary, remorseful.

In preparation for the video, I went back to the ‘Sekwar’ cave to map it three-dimensionally. Instructed by a digital artist in NYC (Dan Moore), I strapped a 360-degree camera to my head and paced the lengths of the cave’s interior. The resulting data was transformed into a wireframe model and featured as a hologram in ‘FWTNW’. The cave’s positioning right beneath another location manifests the premise of the song. You’re in the “same spot” but understanding it from a completely new perspective. My experience in revisiting that space alone was both psychologically informative and disturbing. The slow, methodical steps required to document the dark depths of the cave’s interior invited the company of bats and of fear.”

Director Clemens Habicht also had this to say about it:

“Angus and his crew are subjected to the traumas and melodramas of classic sci-fi tropes, brutalised by the sadism of scenes from films I think I was probably way too young to have seen as a kid. Only Liars would entertain and embrace my trepanning fantasies. Like any mission, this was only possible by the absolute commitment of everyone involved. Special thanks to DOP Tyson Perkins for signing up for another adventure, and to Beau and her team for their absolute generosity and excitement.”

Now watch the video for ‘From What the Never Was’ below:

The Apple Drop is out on August 6th through Mute

Listen to Liars’ new single ‘Big Appetite’

With The Apple Drop on the way, and after sharing ‘Sekwar’, Liars have unveiled a new single from the upcoming album called ‘Big Appetite’. The track comes with an accompanying video, and as with the previous single, Clemens Habicht directed it as a sort of follow-up, pursuing Angus Andrew’s hallucinogenic trajectory. “I thought that spelunking with bats for the ‘Sekwar’ video tested the upper limits of my fear threshold”, Angus explained, “but it turns out having a revved up drill pointed close to my forehead for a day is truly the stuff of nightmares.

Clemens had this to say about it:

“The drill spun the camera at up to 2000rpm, and the very real potential for an accidental trepanation gave the filming an extra potency. The terror experienced by the almost broken but fiercely determined space traveller mixes with the candy colours of a delirious unhinged euphoria, with lucid recollections of band members Cameron Deyell and Laurence Pike joining a more fresh-faced Angus from a distant, optimistic and simpler past.”

Watch the video for ‘Big Appetite’ below.

The Apple Drop is out on August 6th through Mute.

Liars announce new album The Apple Drop, share video for first single ‘Sekwar’

Liars have been turning our heads for a long time, constantly taking exciting and unexpected turns from album to album. After re-emerging in 2017 as the solo project of singer and guitarist Angus Andrew, Liars released two albums since and there’s no sign of slowing down with the 10th record just announced this week. Entitled The Apple Drop, the album is a collaborative affair that saw him working with longtime favourite drummer Laurence Pike, multi-instrumentalist Cameron Deyell and lyricist Mary Pearson Andrew. “My goal was to create beyond my abilities – something bigger than myself”, commented Angus. “For the first time I embraced collaboration from an early stage, allowing the work of others to influence the work of my own.”

Speaking about the themes that sparked the album, Angus stated that “momentum and revolution were themes I wanted to explore, to give the listener this sense of transformation and to feel like you were being transported through the wormhole.” He adds:

“On each project I’ve essentially abandoned previous methods and attempted to instead learn different ways of writing and producing songs. Where once I perceived this journey as a straight line, I’m increasingly realising my trajectory is more akin to a spiral. As new ideas are generated, older ones take on new meaning and evolve further.”

The Apple Drop is set for release on August 6th through Mute and along with the announcement, Liars have shared the first single ‘Sekwar’. The track come paired with a video directed by Clemens Habicht. Watch it below.

Xiu Xiu preview upcoming album with new video for second single ‘Rumpus Room’ ft. Liars

Photo: Julia Brokaw

Earlier this year Xiu Xiu announced the release of their twelfth album, OH NO, and shared the first taste from it, ‘A Bottle of Rum’, featuring Grouper’s Liz Harris. A duet album, OH NO is a collection of duets that sees singer and songwriter Jamie Stewart collaborate with an array of artists, also including Circuit des Yeux’s Haley Fohr, Chelsea Wolfe, Owen Pallet, Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier, Twin Shadow’s George Lewis Jr., Sharon Van Etten and many more. Another stellar guest contributor is Liars’ Angus Andrew, who features on the latest single to emerge, ‘Rumpus Room’. Xiu Xiu’s Angela Seo, who directed the video for lead single ‘A Bottle of Rum’, takes the director’s seat for this one too. She commented about it:

“Does everyone have a deep personal childhood association with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, or just me? One of the first things I shoplifted as a kid was a bag of FHC. I once bet my cousin I could finish an entire Party Size bag in one sitting; I won the bet but lost my sense of taste for a couple days. I was a latchkey kid and would ditch school and often go to the 7-eleven by our apartment, where some 20 year old kid who didn’t give a crap would be working and watch me play their single arcade game- Marvel vs. Capcom – in the corner as long as I bought a slurpee and FHC. Sometimes in my old teenage journals, I find flamin’ red dusted fingerprint smudges among melodramatic poems and fake runaway notes. All that intersected perfectly with the “Rumpus Room” song, and part II story of the video trilogy (1st being “A Bottle of Rum”).”

Watch the video below.

OH NO is out on March 26th through Polyvinyl.

Liars unveil new video for ‘Murdrum’ off new album Titles With The Word Fountain

Photo: Zen Sekizawa

Liars re-emerged last year in full force as the solo project of singer and guitarist Angus Andrew. Following the release of TFCF, Liars has just released its sequel Titles With The Word Fountain, digitally and on cassette, with a vinyl edition arriving on November 2nd through Mute.

We had already heard and loved the first single ‘Murdrum’, and now Liars unveiled a video for it directed by Australian filmmaker and photographer Riley Blakeway. Angus Andrew had this to say:

“Riley has made something beautifully cinematic and horrifyingly evocative here. Shot in the Australian bush, it brings to light the frightening qualities of the natural environment within which the song was written. The use of thermal footage to emphasize “Murdrum’s” haunting qualities really freaks me out.”

Watch the video below.

Liars announce new album and share lead single ‘Murdrum’

After re-emerging last year as the solo project of singer and guitarist Angus Andrew, Liars released a killer of an album, TFCF, and we haven’t put it down since. A sequel to the album has been announced, Titles With The Word Fountain, arriving digitally and on cassette on September 21st and on vinyl on November 2nd through Mute. The new album was recorded during the TFCF sessions but as Angus explained, none of it was material left out. “To me it’s more like a sequel. I chose the songs that appear on TFCF based on how well they addressed the trauma of a failed creative relationship, whereas the material on Titles With The Word Fountain is more playful despite revolving around the same sentiments.”

The news comes with the first single from Titles With The Word Fountain, ‘Murdrum’, and we can’t stop playing it.

Liars are also set to release a limited split single with Tropical Fuck Storm as part of Famous Class’s LAMC series on September 28th.