Matmos unveil upcoming album’s title track ‘Plastic Anniversary’

We’re less than a month away from the much anticipated release of Matmos‘ new album Plastic Anniversary. The duo of M.C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel had already teased it with the brilliant and bouncy ‘Silicone Gel Implant’, and now they unveiled the title track. Listen to it out below and watch the album trailer straight after.

Plastic Anniversary is out on March 15th through Thrill Jockey.

Listen to Matmos’ new single ‘Silicone Gel Implant’ off upcoming album Plastic Anniversary

Matmos have been creating music using the most unusual sources and approaches for over twenty years. The duo of M.C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel, partners in life and music, have to date made music out of anything from washing machines and varied surgical procedures to human skulls and rat cages, usually paired with instrumentation. In line with their love of unconventional sound sources, their upcoming album, Plastic Anniversary, draws from one element, plastic. All the sounds on the record are extracted entirely from plastic objects, including Bakelite dominoes, Styrofoam coolers, polyethylene waste containers, PVC panpipes, pinpricks of bubble wrap and more. There’s human elements as well guest contributing to the album including members of the horn and drumline sections of the Whitefish Highschool Bulldogs from Whitefish, Montana and Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier. The songs on the album are described as “a volatile and vibrant suite of poppy plastic electronics”, with its closing track “end[ing] in an acknowledgement of the planetary price yet to be paid.”

Plastic Anniversary is out on March 15th through Thrill Jockey, and Matmos are teasing it with the brilliant and bouncy ‘Silicone Gel Implant’. Like the title suggests, the bassline sounds derive from silicone breast implant samples. Here it is.

Matmos announce new album Ultimate Care II and share first taste

Matmos - Ultimate Care II

The Marriage of True Minds, the last album released by Matmos, was one of our Album Picks of 2013. So we’re pleased to know the Baltimore based duo of M.C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel are ready to follow it up. They have just announced the release of Ultimate Care II, due on February 19th via Thrill Jockey. Matmos have been creating music using the most unusual sources and ways for over two decades, and the upcoming album remains in line with this approach. Ultimate Care II was recorded in their basement studio in Baltimore and all the sounds were generated by a Whirlpool Ultimate Care II model washing machine. “Funny and sad, bouncy and creepy, liquid and mechanical”, as the press release puts it, Matmos’ upcoming album “swirls with perverse paradox, but the agitation at its core offers vital evidence of Matmos’ abiding faith in the musical potential of sound”.

To bring the album to life, the pair invited a cast of guest contributors, including Dan Deacon, Max Eilbacher (Horse Lords), Sam Haberman (Horse Lords), Jason Willett (Half Japanese), and Duncan Moore (Needle Gun).

Matmos have shared an amazing album excerpt and it’s good reason to be excited. Here’s ‘Ultimate Care II Excerpt Eight’.

Matmos premiere video for ‘Very Large Green Triangles’

Matmos have just released The Ganzfeld EP this week, as previously mentioned. The EP precedes their ninth studio album, The Marriage of the Minds, slated for a February 2013 release, via Thrill Jockey.

We had already been treated to the wondrous ‘Very Large Green Triangles’ off The Ganzfeld EP, and to coincide with the EP release, Matmos have premiered a video to accompany the track. Immerse yourself into this green triangle world, directed by Ed Apodaca and Audrey Karleskind and produced by design.
Matmos recommend you watch at full screen and so do I.

Matmos announce new “telepathic” EP and LP, and offer first track

Matmos haven’t released an album in four years but they have been busy preparing the forthcoming ninth full-length one, The Marriage of The Minds.
The Baltimore via San Francisco duo of M.C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel got us used to unusual sources and ways of creating music since they paired up nearly twenty years ago. Some of these include varied surgical procedures, contact microphones on human hair, human skulls, rat cages and an array of other weird sounding things which they manipulate and often compliment with instrumentation.

According to the press release, Matmos’ upcoming effort is conceptually based on telepathy. For the past four years, Schmidt and Daniel have been conducting parapsychological experiments using the Ganzfeld experiment, a technique used to test extrasensory perception on people. Here’s how the press release explains it:

“The band have been conducting parapsychological experiments based upon the classic Ganzfeld (“total field”) experiment, but with a twist: instead of sending and receiving simple graphic patterns, test subjects were put into a state of sensory deprivation by covering their eyes and listening to white noise on headphones, and then Matmos member Drew Daniel attempted to transmit “the concept of the new Matmos record” directly into their minds. During videotaped psychic experiments conducted at home in Baltimore and at Oxford University, test subjects were asked to describe out loud anything they saw or heard within their minds as Drew attempted transmission. The resulting transcripts became a kind of score that was then used by Matmos to generate music. If a subject hummed something, that became a melody; passing visual images suggested arrangement ideas, instruments, or raw materials for a collage; if a subject described an action, then the band members had to act out that out and make music out of the noises generated in the process of the re-enactment.”

The Marriage of the Minds will arrive early 2013 and ahead of it, Matmos will drop The Ganzfeld EP on October 15th in Europe and a day later in the US via their new label Thrill Jockey.
The Ganzfeld EP will be available in a limited deluxe edition that includes headphones and Ganzfeld goggles to “facilitate the recreation of the exact perceptual circumstances of the original test subjects who participated in the Ganzfeld experiment” as the label puts it. You can pre-order it now here.

Matmos have unveiled the first astounding track from the EP, ‘Very Large Green Triangles (Edit)’. I have been listening to it over and over, and cannot wait to hear the longer version. Listen and download it free below.