Matmos share two new cuts off forthcoming album Plastic Anniversary

We´re nearing the release of Matmos‘ new album Plastic Anniversary and they had already shared ‘Silicone Gel Implant’ and the title track. To get us even more excited, the pair has dropped two new cuts from the record, ‘Thermoplastic Riot Shield’ and ‘Breaking Bread’. Like the entire album, plastic is the single sound source on both tracks. The sounds on ‘Thermoplastic Riot Shield’ are extracted from a police riot shield and ‘Breaking Bread’ uses samples of smashed LPs by the 70s band with the same name at a WFMU record fair.
Matmos have also paired both tracks with accompanying videos. The band’s own M.C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel co-directed with David Serotte the video for ‘Thermoplastic Riot Shield’, one “that takes a perverted close up look at police equipment”, as they put it. Robert Syrett has animated the video for ‘Breaking Bread’ “into a comedic parable about ecological destruction”. Watch them below and watch out for the release of Plastic Anniversary on March 15th through Thrill Jockey.

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