Chrystal Für shares second single ‘I’ll Rise At Dawn Once More’ featuring Echo Collective

Last month Chrystal Für carried us on an immersive and hauntingly beautiful journey with ‘Requiem’, the first single lifted from his upcoming album Elusion. Christopher Vibberts, the composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer behind Chrystal Für, is enticing us again with a compelling new single from the album called ‘I’ll Rise At Dawn Once More’. Standing again as a powerful testament to the range of emotions encapsulated in the album, ‘I’ll Rise At Dawn Once More’ is a collaboration with Brussels based ensemble Echo Collective. Margaret Hermant and Neil Leiter of Echo Collective ellaborate on the creation of the track:

“We had the pleasure to work with Chris Vibberts during the first lockdown. Because of restrictions, we were unable to work in the same room, which would have been our normal process. This really forced us to work as if the piece was our own. Together with sound engineer Fabien Leseure, we focused on bringing as many acoustic sounds as possible into this beautiful soundscape. Margaret Hermant played violin and harp, and Neil Leiter played viola and bass viola. Through extended techniques we recreated many of Chris’s sounds on our own instruments in order to give the piece as much human depth as possible. We could not be more pleased with how our two musical languages worked together.”

Clocking in at nearly 11-minutes, ‘I’ll Rise At Dawn Once More’ “is a stirring string tribute to emerging from turbulence into the elation of a new day”, as the press release describes. It starts out with an eerie and melancholic tone gently shifting to serenity and bliss. Let it envelop you.

Elusion is out on May 28th through What Are We Records.