L’étrangleuse return with new album, Ambiance Argile

French outfit L’étrangleuse, who hail from Lyon, France, have a fourth album on the way. Originally a duo, founded by guitarist Maël Salètes and also featuring Mélanie Virot on vocals and harp, they’ve turned into a quartet with the addition of Anne Godefert on bass and Léo Dumont on drums. Their new album, Ambiance Argile, sees them reinventing themselves and embracing a more experimental and innovative approach to their music whilst also keeping their signature sound, blending the harp and West African lute with tracks sung in French. Influenced by the likes of nomadic Dutch DIY punks The Ex and the Tuareg desert rock style, L’Étrangleuse also borrow from various influences, from postpunk and electric desert blues to krautrock and folk.

Recorded live over two sessions in a studio in the foothills of the Vercors mountains, Ambiance Argile captures the raw energy and chemistry of the quartet, marking a triumphant return for L’Étrangleuse and a new beginning for their music. As with previous albums, Maël and Mélanie alternate as lead singers, with Maël also taking on the role of the group’s head lyricist.

Ahead of the album’s release on June 7th through La Curieuse, L’étrangleuse have let loose the opening track ‘Le Remède’. Take a listen below.

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