Holland Andrews closes EP series with fourth and final release, Answers

Vocalist, composer, producer, and performer Holland Andrews is back with their latest EP offering, Answers. Set for release on May 10th through Nils Frahm’s LEITER imprint, their upcoming EP marks the culmination of a series of EP releases that began in 2021, including Wordless, Forgettings, and Doubtless.

Not easy to classify, Andrew’s music incorporates elements from contemporary classical, ambient, electronic, and experimental music. “Where do I belong? That’s tricky for me”, they remark. “I have this voracious quality of just wanting to keep playing and keep exploring.” Their work sits comfortably at the intersection of various musical genres, similar to their past collaborators such as Son Lux, Nils Frahm, Darian Donovan Thomas, William Brittelle, and Christina Vantzou.

Answers, along with the preceding Wordless EP, marks a shift in Andrews’ artistic approach. Formerly creating under the name Like A Villain, Andrews has moved from a performance-based approach to a more integrated style of composition, blending live-recorded samples within music production. “Everything I’ve been releasing under my name has been more and more about exploration.”

In creating the upcoming Answers, Andrews meant to bring closure, but instead, they faced new questions, sources of inspiration, and creative possibilities. Andrews explains:

“There’s a lineage in the information that I’ve been gaining in the creation of these four EPs. The process of making Doubtless was so demanding, that one of my goals with Answers was to develop a place of rest. I was looking for a period to a sentence, but I think I ended with a question mark. Answers gave me bigger questions than I thought it would have, which is a very exciting place to be. It’s a closing and an opening at the same time, an opening for what’s coming next.”

As a captivating taste of what’s to come, Andrews has shared the title track along with an accompanying video made by themselves.

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