Mixtape #125

With another month comes another mixtape, this time round lovingly put together by Cameron Knowler and Eli Winter, two utterly brilliant guitarists with the nimblest of fingers. A winter tour in 2018 through the desert on the Texas-Mexico border ignited their friendship and musical bond, ushering in a new season of possibilities. A beautiful and delightful collection of jams titled Anticipation followed, where the two guitars complement and converse fluidly with one another, as if the two musicians had always been playing together. We've asked them to give us a peek at the artists and sounds that have inspired them and Cameron picked the first ten tracks with Eli taking over after that. Enjoy!

  1. Tut Taylor – Southern Filibuster [Rounder Records]
  2. Terry Allen – Amarillo Highway [Fate Records / Paradise Of Bachelors]
  3. Bola Sete – The Lonely Gaucho [Samba Moon Records]
  4. Eddy Arnold – Where the Mountains Meet the Sky [RCA VICTOR]
  5. Camille Feruzi – Kuyina
  6. Gram Parsons – Brand New Heartache [A&M Records]
  7. Ry Cooder – Straight Street [Fantasy / Perro Verde]
  8. Norman & Nancy Blake – Everybody Works but Father [Rounder Records]
  9. Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou – Homesickness Pt. 1 [Buda Musique]
  10. Maybelle Carter – Come all ye Fair and Tender Ladies [Vanguard]
  11. Mark Fosson – The Creeper
  12. Sam Wagster – Falling Into Itself
  13. Judee Sill – The Desperado [Run Out Groove]
  14. Bert Jansch – Kingfisher [Kicking Mule Records Earth]
  15. The Cairo Gang – Coyote [Blackest Rainbow]