Sam Slater shares title track from upcoming debut album Wrong Airport Ghost

Recently signed to Bedroom Community, Berlin based British composer, producer and sound artist Sam Slater is gearing up to release his debut album Wrong Airport Ghost on October 5th. The album is all centred around one-stringed ancient instrument, a relationship that was first developed in the summer of 2016,  when Slater was in Rajastahn, India, working with musician Krishna Bhopa. The pair manipulated and explored the mechanics of the stringed instrument, as the press release explains. “They relentlessly pulled it apart to begin to understand what made it work and what caused it to break. This very idea of deconstruction became fundamental to the whole process. Just like every sound comes from one source, the concept of dismantling it in order to build another is essential.”

Slater continued working and reworking the project last year in New York, before its final transformations in Iceland where he worked with producers Alfie Brooks and Bridget Ferill.

The album’s title track, both weird and wonderful, is now streaming with an accompanying video directed by Ben Haven Taylor. Wrap your ears around it.

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