Collectress share second single, ‘In the Streets, In the Fields’, off upcoming album, Different Geographies

At the tail end of 2019, Collectress returned with their first new music in nearly six years, and announced a new album following their wonderful 2014 debut Mondegreen. Entitled Different Geographies, the new album arrives on March 6th and they had already shared the magical and gorgeous ‘Landing’ as the first single, which left us eager to hear more new music. Now the quartet have shared a beautiful and beguiling new single called ‘In the Streets, In the Fields’, reportedly “with nods to both psychedelia (particularly 13th Floor Elevators), and the 1937 recording of Virginia Woolf’s “Words””. They explained:

“We liked the sense of the transience of language as evoked by the crackly Woolf recordings, of time passing and of spaces shifting, of being in one place yet another at the same time, in “Different Geographies”. In this technological world of ours, Woolf’s “Words” speaks to us from the past, visionary in suggesting we are mere vessels for language to occur, adapt and move around in. “In the Streets, In the Fields” melodically ‘sets off’ and in some way is doing this too, its simple structure unfolding, shifting and developing over the course of the song.”

Collectress are offering ‘In the Streets, In the Fields’ with an accompanying video, which “include[s] dance as a means to explore and express the nature of the music”, they added. “We each gave our interpretation and filmed ourselves dancing at our own respective ‘different geography’. What you see in the film is a layering of those interpretations to the rhythm and layers of the individual parts of the music, to create an indefinable space that we hope has something recognisable and grounded but that also allows for an element of getting lost.”

Watch the video below.

Different Geographies is out on March 6th through their own imprint Peeler Records.

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