Rival Consoles previews upcoming album with new single ‘Vibrations on a String’

Following 2018’s Persona, Rival Consoles is releasing a new full-length album later this month. Entitled Articulation, the album is named after Gyorgy Ligeti’s classic electronic composition Artikulation and its accompanying non-traditional graphic score. Unlike previous albums, Ryan Lee West, the London musician and producer behind Rival Consoles, encompassed the creative conception of the album through a visual way of thinking. West “drew structures, shapes and patterns by hand to try and find new ways of thinking about music”, explains the press release, “giving himself a way to problem-solve away from the computer.”

After sharing the title track, Rival Consoles has offered another preview of the album in the form of ‘Vibrations on a String’. He had this to say about it:

“’Vibrations on a String’ was one of the earliest pieces I made for the record. The title is a direct reference to the behaviour of the main synth: I was trying to mimic playing a guitar string both softly and aggressively. I think a part of me is often trying to mimic the physical world with synths. There is something mindful about observing things and making sense of them, and once you try to recreate something in a different medium it feels like there are new opportunities to explore.”

Listen to ‘Vibrations on a String’ below and grab Articulation when it’s out on July 31st through Erased Tapes.

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