Grandbrothers announce third album, All The Unknown

News of 2021 releases are starting to prick our ears. One album that we’re excited about is All The Unknown, the upcoming third album from German duo Grandbrothers. It follows two spellbinding albums, 2017’s Open and 2015’s Dilation, and is set for release on January 15th through City Slang.
The album sees them further expand their exploratory and open approach to music, with the grand piano, up until now their only centrepiece, now paired with electronics. German-Turkish pianist Erol Sarp and Swiss engineer/mechanic/sofware designer Lukas Vogel, who make up the duo, crafted the record also using self-built computer-controlled mechanics. “The main difference compared to the last two albums, is that we set ourselves a rule that everything needed to be created on the instrument in that moment,” Vogel explained. “But now that this rule is gone, we’ve started to produce or record things on the computer which means we can stack up more layers” Sarp added. “Previously, it has always just been me sitting at the piano playing, but now we have three or four piano parts together, which I wouldn’t be able to play at once as it’s too many notes; it just wouldn’t be possible as I only have ten fingers. This new method has opened up worlds and given so many more opportunities to write music.”

It seems like a long wait until the album arrives in January but they are already enticing us with title track, ‘All The Unknown’. Take a listen below.

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