Kid Millions and Jan St. Werner announce debut collaborative album Imperium Droop

We love drummer extraordinaire and all-round genius multi-instrumentalist and composer John Colpitts aka Kid Millions (Man Forever, Oneida) and we love electronic veteran musician and producer Jan St. Werner, a sound innovator known for a plethora of solo compositions and collaborative projects and as one half of German avant-garde electronic duo Mouse On Mars. So we couldn’t be more excited to learn of a collaboration between Kid Millions and Jan St. Werner, who have just announced Imperium Droop, their debut album as a duo. Described as “continuation of an ongoing musical dialogue between the two musicians”, the album picks up from where Millions and Werner left off in 2016 when Werner invited Millions to perform an interpretation of his Felder album in a series of curated live dates. A unique concert took place at Oneida’s practice space with just one person in the audience – songwriter Helado Negro. Millions and Werner planned to follow that concert with an ongoing series of recorded collaborations between them and ended up building an archive of recorded material that led to Imperium Droop.

Featuring guests contributions from Mats Gustafsson, Andrew Barker, and Richard Hoffman, the album is also described as “an incomparable work of gripping and intrepid sonic fluctuations”.

We’ll have to wait until June 25th for Imperium Droop to be out through Thrill Jockey but we can already get an exhilarating first taste from it with closing track ‘Sorrows and Compensations’. Here it is.

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