Patrick Shiroishi unleashes video for new single ‘To Kill A Wind-Up Bird’

Patrick Shiroishi has a new solo album on the way, Hidemi, and we were instantly and utterly taken by the first single, the compelling ‘Tule Lake Like Yesterday’, when it emerged last month. A multilayered woodwind record, Hidemi was written and performed in its entirety by Shiroishi and is a tribute to his grandfather and his personal experience after getting out of Japanese-American concentration camps.
With just over a month to until the album drops, the Japanese American saxophonist and composer is enticing us again with a new single, ‘To Kill A Wind-Up Bird’, a gorgeous and exhilarating track we cannot stop listening to. The song comes with a video made by visual artist Dylan Pecora, who had this to say about it:

“It’s a gentle attempt at a Looney Tunes/Carl Stalling type of thing, where we’re getting a 1-to-1 fraudulent representation on screen of the sounds we hear. A tiptoeing porky pig sounds like a xylophone ascending. A puppet shaking an ancient bowl sounds like this.”

Watch the video for ‘To Kill A Wind-Up Bird’ below and watch out for the release of Hidemi on October 29th through American Dreams.

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