Mario Batkovic releases second single, ‘Repertio’, from upcoming album

Last month Mario Batkovic announced the release of a new album, Introspectio, and along the news shared the the first spellbinding single, ‘Chorea Duplex’, featuring James Holden. With just a month to go until the album is out, the accordion virtuoso is enticing us with a second single called ‘Repertio’, featuring drummer Clive Deamer (Radiohead/Portishead/Robert Plant/Roni Size) and former BEAK> member Matthew Williams aka MXLX. Batkovic comments:

“At the beginning almost classically presumptuous, the piece finds its players. It changes, transforms, becomes wilder and all this without losing its core content. The piece was created in Bristol Invada Studio and the meeting with Clive Deamer and Matt Williams was a successful start for wild anarchistic, dissonant and yet harmonious work. I personally found the work more than amusing. It was an insane musical encounter on another planet”

Deamer also had this to say about it:

‘Repertio was recorded in pre-Covid times with Mario at the Invada Studio in Bristol, that feels a long time ago now as I’m sure it does everyone else trying to emerge from the pandemic. Geoff and Mario both invited me to collaborate with him after his performance at Islington Assembly Hall earlier that year. I really like Mario’s album, it’s an imposing gothic latin edifice that would assuage the most discerning contemporary vampire. It’s also an honour to share Introspectio alongside Mario’s more extraordinary fellow collaborators Colin Stetson and James Holden”

‘Repertio’ comes with an accompanying video made by Lukas Meier. Here it is.

Introspectio is out on December 3rd through Invada Records

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