Danny Mulhern set to release new album, Singing Through Others, in September

With a catalogue busy with film and tv soundtracks since the early-2000s, British composer and multi-instrumentalist Danny Mulhern is gearing up to release his fifth album titled Singing Through Others. As with recent works, on the new album Mulhern continues to collaborate with the London Contemporary Orchestra. Described as a “meditation on relationships”, Singing Through Others takes its title from the words of poet and philosopher Nora Bateson, who also features on the record.

We’ll have to wait until September 16th for the album to be out through Enate Music/Kontor Media but luckily we can already hear the wonderful single ‘A Different Kind Of Blue’. Mulhern comments:

“I sense that our culture is pretty beset with cynicism. On Singing Through Others I wanted to carry a torch for earnestness, and explore a melodic and tonal side of neoclassical music. The 7/8 time signature of A Different Kind Of Blue seems to straddle convention and weirdness in a pleasing way. It has a more zoomed-out palate of sounds than my previous records. Using electronics, jazz and band instruments alongside the orchestral players. It’s a chilled and playful polyrhythmic piece, and one of my favourites on the album.”

The single is offered with an accompanying video directed, animated and conceived by Antony Barkworth-Knight. Watch it now.

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