Mixtape #159


A key player in the contemporary Belgian scene where he cut his teeth in various outfits, staggeringly talented Brussels based French pianist Dorian Dumont stepped out on his own in 2021 with his debut solo album, APHEXionS, followed up last February with to the AphEX. A classically trained pianist with a penchant for jazz and improvised music, in both albums Dumont breathes new life into Aphex Twin’s iconic compositions, creating a universe uniquely his own. Dumont's love for Aphex Twin has not only inspired his albums but also commanded his choice of tracks for the mixtape he put together for us this month. Delve into this mesmerizing selection of tracks, showcasing his deep admiration for the electronic pioneer.

All tracks by Aphex Twin except « 10 » & « 14 » by Dorian Dumont

  1. piano un1 arpej (Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 EP)
  2. Xtal (Selected Ambient Works 85-92)
  3. IZ-US (Come To Daddy)
  4. DISKPREPT4 (Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 EP)
  5. Vordhosbn (Drukqs)
  6. Fingerbib (Richard D. James Album)
  7. MT1 t29r2 (Collapse EP)
  8. On (On)
  9. PAPAT4 {155}{pineal mix} (Syro)
  10. PAPAT4 {155}{pineal mix} by Dorian Dumont (to the APhEX)
  11. Yellow Calx (Richard D. James Album)
  12. Mookid (…I Care Because You Do)
  13. XMAS_EVET1 N (MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b 96)
  14. POLYNOMIAL-C by Dorian Dumont (APHEXionS)
  15. piano un10 it happened (Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 EP)

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