Ungdomskulen announce new album and drop first taste

Frode Flatland, Kristian Stockhaus and Øyvind Solheim make up Norwegian dance rock outfit Ungdomskulen.
The trio have announced the release of Secrecy, their fourth full-length, due out on September 25th.

Ungdomskulen are teasing the forthcoming album with its opening track, ‘Askefast’, which translates to “stuck due to ashes’. ‘Askefast’ is inspired by the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in 2010, which grounded all European flights and left thousands of people stranded.
The press release describes ‘Askefast’ as a “a blitz of a song with rapid-fire percussion and an irregular beat that will keep you on your toes.”

Earlier today, the threesome premiered a fittingly frenetic video for ‘Askefast’, directed by singer and guitarist Kristian Stockhaus. Check it out below.

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