Hayden confirms new album release date and shares opening track teaser

Toronto based singer-songwriter Hayden has confirmed his seventh studio album Us Alone will arrive on February 5th via Arts & Crafts. Hayden plays all the instruments in Us Alone, and as he explained, “I wanted the sound of five people walking into a room and playing a full set. With the exception of some stellar help from friends on a song or two, those five people were mostly just me”.
Speaking about the recording, Hayden said there are no stories around the album. “I didn’t go record in a Norwegian Village or at the bottom of a shrimp vessel. I walked upstairs where every instrument has a microphone and hit record. And, as usual, the songs came together over a long period of time.” Hayden’s music is dreamy enough to let us drift into places filled with warmth and delicateness.
Listen below to the lead single ‘Old Dreams’, and straight after check out the vignette for the album’s opener ‘Motel’.

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